Pacquiao vs Broner: A Tale Of Two Fighters

There was some real hype and questions surrounding the Manny Pacquiao/Adrien Broner fight. The hype was generated mostly by Broner, who’s a professional trash talker. Unfortunately, he talks about himself. The questions were about what Pacquiao had left in his tank. Could he handle hand speed from a much younger opponent? As always, styles makes fights.

Adrien Broner’s strategy should have been to pressure Pacquiao from the opening bell, keeping a jab in his face and frequently checking his body. Show him who’s boss, throw punches with bad intentions. With a consistent attack, Pacquiao would be tailor made to be stopped in the later rounds. Not sure what the plan was but it failed miserably.

Manny Pacquiao’s game plan should have been to frustrate and confuse Broner. Keep him busy and annoyed with a jab, don’t give him clean looks, show him angles. Let him know you mean business, stand your ground and throw power punches. Use his expertise, be a ring master. Don’t get caught on the ropes or in corners. Be the busier fighter. This was perfectly executed by Pacquiao.

What actually happened was surprising. Pacquiao was more accurate and active. He also established himself as the quicker and stronger fighter. Pacquiao hurt Broner on several occasions. Speaking of Broner, he looked bored and disinterested in fighting. The word “lackluster” comes to mind. Broner’s problem is he’d rather look good than be good. Neither happened on this night. Manny Pacquiao threw 273 more punches and landed 62 more, including an outrageous 47-3 edge in body punches. Adrien Broner landed only 50 punches the entire fight. All of this added up to a unanimous decision for Pacquiao.

What’s next for each fighter? Manny Pacquiao is in line for a marquee fight. Maybe Floyd Mayweather? Adrien Broner needs to re evaluate whether he wants to fight anymore.

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