Oklahoma City Thunder vs San Antonio Spurs Game 2 Preview

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Game 1 Review 

Was there a game 1 or was it just a Spurs practice? The Thunder went in expecting to at least compete but was blown away by the Spurs efficiency and defense. While the Spurs defense showed their dominance, the Thunder only shot 41.2%. The Spurs defense could have been horrible and it wouldn’t have mattered. The Spurs on the other hand shot 60.7% from the field and 60% from the behind the arch. Led by LaMarcus Aldridge 38 points, San Antonio looked flawless this past Saturday night.

Keys to The Game

The Thunder must realize that it is highly unlikely that the Spurs will shoot that well from the field again. At the same time, they have to be more efficient and play team basketball. As much as they need to rely on Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, the others have got to play above their normal “on the road” game. The Spurs also need to realize that they won’t shoot that well also and that WestBrook and Durant will more likely have better games individually. Their defense will be key tonight by keeping the others confidence down which should make the two Thunder All-Stars work much harder than normal.  


The X-Factors for the Thunder is Steven Adams and Enes Kanter. Adams has to be the basketball pest that he is (no disrespect). Meaning he needs to be feisty, scrapy, control the boards and get garbage points. Kanter on the other hand, needs to dominate the paint by scoring. Tim Duncan is the only capable big to guard him but Kantor is too quick and agile for him.

The X-Factor for the Spurs is David West. West was brought in for this reason which is to hit that consistent jumper and get under the skin of the opponents. West has been quiet of late but he can stop runs and momentum by hitting that timely 15 footer.

Prediction: If OKC can have amnesia and realize that their bad game is out the way then they should come back and surprise the Spurs. OKC wins 106-103.

Raphael Haynes

Atlanta, GA

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