Nine Men Out: The Struggle And Success Of The Yankees

Eric Urbanowicz
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When a team loses one of its major players, it’s always expected that they will struggle. When a team loses more than a third of its projected opening day roster in the first month of the season, that’s when Pandora’s Box is truly opened.

Yet in the case of the New York Yankees, they’ve actually looked pretty good.

Being handed a situation of having between nine and thirteen of its main roster on the injured list, New York has had luxury of something they haven’t really had in nearly a decade: a good minors system.

Homegrown talent such as outfielders Clint Frazier (Frazier is now on the IL) and Mike Tauchman had stepped in for Aaron Hicks and Aaron Judge like it was nothing. Meanwhile veterans like J.A. Happ and James Paxton have held down the rotation with ace starting pitcher Luis Severino out.

For the Yankees right now, too much depth is a good thing. However when some of the names come back, it could create a conundrum the likes of which the organization has never seen.

Star players like Judge and outfielder/designated hitter Giancarlo Stanton will be brought back into their respective roles and depending on how many minor options some players have left, we could see them traded away for pieces they’ll need down the road.

While everyone outside the Bronx is wondering when these injuries will catch up with the team, Yankee fans are along for the ride.

It may not be the team they expected but it’s the team they’ve put together and the team that’s right now in second place in the division.

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