NFL Power Rankings Week Eleven- Cleaning Your Record

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It’s that weird time of the NFL season where teams can fool you. Their record is telling you that they’re either terrible or good, but is that the truth? Some records look impressive but the team is barely hanging on. Other records look awful but that team is just about ready to make a serious run at a playoff berth. All things considered, there’s probably six or seven teams in the NFL where you can probably pinpoint their standing at the end of the season. The other 25 or so can still be in or on their way out.


1. New Orleans Saints 8-1 (Last week #1)
The Saints have made a mockery of opposing defenses this year and are still somehow interested in adding offensive pieces.


2. Los Angeles Rams 9-1 (Last week #2)
Todd Gurley has 988 rushing yards, which leads the NFL. He’s my candidate for league MVP. and if he keeps this up he just might be everyone’s candidate.


3. Kansas City Chiefs 9-1 (Last week #4)
I don’t know how we ever doubted Andy Reid moving up to draft Patrick Mahomes. He’s always done good with quarterbacks and we should’ve given him the benefit of the doubt.


4. Los Angeles Chargers 7-2 (Last week #5)
Is there any team hotter than the Chargers right now? They’ve won six straight games and they will still have a few players to get back from injury, including Joey Bosa.


5. New England Patriots 7-3 (Last week #3)
The Patriots lost a game where they gave up 150 rushing yards and forced zero turnovers. This is the first time this season New England has failed to force a turnover in a game.


6. Pittsburgh Steelers 6-2 (Last week #7)
Pittsburgh has hit their stride, with five straight wins and the league;s fourth ranked offense.


7. Carolina Panthers 6-3 (Last week #6)
Carolina will go back to the drawing board after giving up 52 points in their last game. That 52 points is more points than the two previous games combined.


8. Houston Texans 6-3 (Last week #9)
Houston comes off their bye week with seven games left to play. Only two of those games are versus teams with a winning record.


9. Chicago Bears 6-3 (Last week #10)
The Bears have run their winning streak up to three games averaging 33 points per. They rank fourth in points allowed and yards given up.


10. Minnesota Vikings 5-3-1 (Last week #11)
Minnesota is fifth in yards given up on the season. They’re third in the league against the run.


11. Washington Redskins 6-3 (Last week #12)
The Redskins can really take the life out their opponents They average 3:01 minutes per drive and 121.2 rushing yards per game.


12. Cincinnati Bengals 5-4 (Last week #8)
The Bengals have zero wins versus a team with a winning record. In fact, when they play winning teams they only average 16.5 points per game, which is about ten points under their season average.


13. Philadelphia Eagles 4-5 (Last week #16)
The defending champions are having a hard time keeping the crown. Carson Wentz is doing what he can to keep them in it with 15 touchdowns and only three interceptions in seven games.


14. Tennessee Titans 5-4 (Last week #17)
Tennessee allows only 16.7 points per game, which ranks them number one in the league. They might’ve been the team to give the rest of the league a good game plan versus the Patriots, too.


15. Miami Dolphins 5-5 (Last week #15)
Will the Dolphins ever find a quarterback worthy of being a starter? Will Ryan Tannehill ever return from injury to give at least an above average performance? Does head coach Adam Gase have some kind of dirt on his owner?


16. Atlanta Falcons 4-5 (Last week #14)
The Falcons had their three game winning streak snapped over the weekend. They’ve only held two opponents to under 20 points this season, a situation in which they were undefeated in last season.


17. Seattle Seahawks 4-5 (last week #15)
The Seahawks victories have all come against teams with a combined 10-26 record. They haven’t answered the call versus anybody that’s really good.


18. Baltimore Ravens 4-5 (Last week #18)
The Ravens have somehow maintained the number two ranking in overall defense, despite a three game losing streak where they have allowed 83 points.


19. Green Bay Packers 4-4-1 (last week #19)
With their robust four wins the Packers would be a game out of the playoffs. I’d go out on a limb and say that wouldn’t end well for Green Bay.


20. Dallas Cowboys 4-5  (Last week #20)
The Cowboys have four wins versus all losing teams. They’ve outscored their opponents on the season by a combined ten points.


21. Indianapolis Colts 4-5 (Last week #24)
The Colts are on a three game winning streak, averaging 36 points per game. They play two teams with a winning record in their last seven games.


22. Cleveland Browns 3-6-1 (Last week #27)
Gregg Williams is now 1-1 as Cleveland’s head coach. His team is averaging 156.5 rushing yards in that span.


23. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-6 (Last week #21)
Even though he’s been injured for the majority of the season, Leonard Fournette is the Jaguars’ most valuable player.


24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-6 (Last week #23)
The Buccaneers have 25 turnovers on the season which is the most in the NFL. Conversely, their defense has only forced six, which ranks them 31st in the league.


25. Buffalo Bills 3-6 (Last week #30)
When Buffalo wins they give up minimal points. In fact, the Bills rank number one in total points against on the season.


26. Denver Broncos 3-6 (last week #25)
Denver might be the most disappointing team in the NFL this side of Jacksonville.


27. Detroit Lions 3-6 (Last week #26)
The Lions have lost three straight games, two straight to divisional opponents. They have turned the ball over six more times than they’ve forced their opponents to.


28. New York Jets 3-7 (Last week #22)
An abundance of Jets fans would like to see head coach Todd Bowles fired. Its probably an over reaction to the Bills kicking them up an down the field over the weekend.


29. Arizona Cardinals 2-7 (Last week #28)
For all their quarterback troubles, the Cardinals sure are bad at running the football. All those fantasy football owners that drafted David Johnson are left to wonder what happened.


30. New York Giants 2-7 (Last week #31)
The Giants have scored 27 points twice this season. Coincidentally, they’ve won both of those games and they were by less than a touchdown each time.


31. San Francisco 49ers 2-8 (Last week #29)
The 49ers have two wins on the season with a combined 4-14 record. They rank fourth in rushing but they only have six rushing touchdowns.


32. Oakland Raiders 1-8 (last week #32)
The Raiders have scored a total of nine points in their last two games. It might be a case of them not even trying anymore.

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