NFL Power Rankings Week Eight- Seen And Heard

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We are now approaching the halfway mark in the NFL season and clarity is the word we should start hearing. The terrible teams are becoming apparent and are even making moves to let you know their season is over. The teams at the top are starting to separate themselves from the rest of the field. The big chunk of teams in the middle will show us whether they will fight for a playoff spot or fall into a top ten draft pick slot.


1. Los Angeles Rams 7-0 (Last week #1)
To say the Rams are playing great might be an understatement, but still. They’re the only team in the league with at least 900 rushing yards and 2,000 passing/receiving yards.


2. New Orleans Saints 5-1 (Last week #2)
The Saints’ offense is just hard to stop even though it was tested over the weekend. Drew Brees is like the old guy in your neighborhood that you can’t quite tell what his age is because he does younger guy stuff.


3. New England Patriots 5-2 (Last week #3)
Four straight wins for New England in which they’ve scored no less than 38 points. All the people who had hopes and dreams of their demise can put down their four leaf clovers.


4. Kansas City Chiefs 6-1 (Last week #4)
Patrick Mahomes touchdown passes now sits at 22 on the season. The Chiefs seem like they can score 40 points in their sleep.


5. Los Angeles Chargers 6-1 (Last week #6)
The Chargers have only two turnovers in their last four games, grabbing a victory in all of them. Phillip Rivers passer rating has been over 100 in all but one of his starts this season.


6. Baltimore Ravens 4-3 (Last week #5)
Even after a loss the Ravens defense leaves no doubt in your mind why they are ranked number one overall.


7. Carolina Panthers 4-2 (Last week #11)
The Panthers play until the end of the game. No matter the scores or turnovers or bad calls they play four quarters.


8. Pittsburgh Steelers 3-2-1 (Last week #9)
The Steelers have the leagues fifth ranked offense in both yards gained and points scored.


9. Washington Redskins 4-2 (Last week #14)
The Redskins are the only team with a winning record in their division in large part because they rarely turn the ball over. They are ranked second with only five turnovers on the season and none in their last two games, both wins.


10. Cincinnati Bengals 4-3 (Last week #7)
Cincinnati has lost two straight games allowing 36.5 points per game. The offense is only scoring 15.5 points per game during that span.


11. Minnesota Vikings 4-2-1 (Last week #13)
The Vikings are on a three game winning streak outscoring their opponents 87-55. The defense has forced 8 turnovers in that same span.


12. Houston Texans 4-3 (Last week #19)
The Texans have pushed their win streak to four games. They are only allowing 314.5 yards total yards during that span.


13. Chicago Bears 3-3 (Last week #8)
The Bears have lost two straight games allowing 69 points combined. They are still racking up defensive turnovers with 17 total.


14. Miami Dolphins 4-3 (Last week #10)
Brock Osweiler is averaging 309.5 passing yards per start, with six touchdowns and only two interceptions on the season.


15. Seattle Seahawks 3-3 (Last week #17)
The Seahawks defense is quietly playing great this season, ranked fifth in points given up and sixth in total yards allowed.


16. Philadelphia Eagles 3-4 (Last week #15)
The Eagles have lost three out of their last four games and they haven’t been by much. They’ve suffered the three losses by an average of three points.


17. Green Bay Packers 3-2-1 (Last week #18)
After a nice, refreshing, rest on their bye week, Aaron Rodgers and company get to play the Rams this weekend.


18. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-4 (Last week #12)
The Jaguars are on a three game losing streak getting outscored 90-28. The team has turned to Cody Kessler at quarterback. That’s not meant to be good news.


19. Atlanta Falcons 3-4 (Last week #23)
The Falcons rank third in passing yards and they are first with only four turnovers given up on the season.


20. Dallas Cowboys 3-4 (Last week #21)
The Cowboys are ranked third in rushing but they are a lowly 28th in passing yards. They traded for wide receiver Amari Cooper hoping to change that last ranking.


21. Tennessee Titans 3-4 (Last week #20)
Tennessee is third in points allowed and tenth in yards given up. They make terrible decisions on offense and could use another playmaker, maybe even at quarterback.


22. New York Jets 3-4  (Last week #22)
The Jets are undefeated when they score at least 30 points. Unfortunately they have played more games where they didn’t quite make it that far.


23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-3 (Last week #24)
The Buccaneers are first in total yards gained on the season. They’ve only had one game where they failed to gain over 400 yards of offense.


24. Denver Broncos 3-4 (Last week #25)
Denver snapped a four game losing streak versus some easy pickings over the weekend. The next five games will prove what kind of team the Broncos really are. Their opponents are a combined 22-11-1 on the season.


25. Detroit Lions 3-3 (Last week #26)
Detroit is on a two game winning streak averaging 31.5 points per game in that span. Kerryon Johnson is averaging 114 rushing yards during the streak, giving the Lions some much needed balance on offense.


26. Cleveland Browns 2-4-1 (Last week #16)
The Browns probably want to avoid overtime games for the rest of the season. They are 1-2-1 in those games.


27. Indianapolis Colts 2-5 (Last week #28)
The Colts are great converting 3rd downs into first downs with a 50% conversion rate. They also have a 64.3% chance of scoring in the red zone. Indianapolis sits two games out of first place in their division.


28. Buffalo Bills 2-5 (Last week #27)
The Bills may have the worst passing attack of the decade, averaging a putrid 129.4 yards per game through the air.


29. San Francisco 49ers 1-6 (Last week #30)
The 49ers have three games until their much needed bye week. The good news is their opponents are a combined 3-18 on the season.


30. Arizona Cardinals 1-6 (Last week #29)
Arizona started the season on a four game losing streak and snapped it with a win two weeks ago. They’ve started a new, two game losing streak, where they have allowed 72 points and given up the ball seven times.


31. Oakland Raiders 1-5 (Last week #31)
There’s a meme on the Internet that says the Raiders lost to the bye week 31-7. Its pretty funny when you think about it and you get a good laugh right up until the point they trade Amari Cooper. Then it’s kind of spooky because they actually took a loss during the bye week.


32. New York Giants 1-6 (Last week #32)
The Giants have traded defensive back Eli Apple and defensive tackle Damon Harrison in consecutive days after they played their last game. I guess it’s the teams way of telling it’s fans “That’s all she wrote for 2018, ya’ll”.

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