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And MLB Power Rankings is back after a month hiatus, did we miss anything? Yes we did: the All-Star Game, the trade deadline, and a lot of moving and shaking occurred since our June power rankings.

Let’s not waste any time, let’s see who ended up where.


30.  Oakland Athletics (-)

Some things never change. Oakland is one of two teams who have yet to break 40 wins this season, and will probably reach the 80-game lost mark before they do. What’s even worse is their public image took a massive hit with a nationally televised protest during the All-Star game. At this point, would moving to Las Vegas really help them if ownership is going to carry this type of baggage?


29. Kansas City Royals (-)

The Kansas City Royals also haven’t broken 40 wins either but are playing at a slightly higher level than Oakland. Earlier this season, we said Kansas City probably was going to hang around in the lower part of the rankings most of the season, and so far, that’s starting to show as accurate.


28. Colorado Rockies (-2)

It’s nice to see that all of the Colorado Rockies’ minor league teams are playing close to or over .500 baseball, because the major league club isn’t anywhere close to it. Just a friendly reminder to their owner, it’s not wise to open your mouth if you don’t have anything of substance to say. You can and will be meme’d.


27. Chicago White Sox (-1)

That 2021 first place Chicago White Sox team is really starting to look like a fluke team. Since then, they’ve gone from .500 to under upper .300. Maybe it’s the new manager, maybe they overachieved, who knows. What we do know, they’re trending downwards in terms of progression; they need to do something, stat.


26. Washington Nationals (+1)

Washington is basically moving every piece around to see how it fits and how it will work, and it got them up a spot. They’re still bad, but yay, one spot!


25. St. Louis Cardinals (-2)

The St. Louis Cardinals going into seller mode was the right call, and they’ve gained some valuable pieces in the process. It doesn’t stop them from being low on the list, but hey, maybe they’ll be better next year. The first step towards recovery is admission.


24. Detroit Tigers (-2)

Detroit is in the middle of the American League Central but they’re still a bottom third team. They’re the third straight central team to either be stagnant or fall down the rankings.


23. Pittsburgh Pirates (-5)

Pittsburgh fell again, this time only five spots. In the span of a few months, they’ve fallen around 20 spots. It’s amazing how after one month, they were the second-best team in baseball and now they’re the twenty-third team. Yikes.


22. New York Mets (-7)

The city of New York must hate Tom Petty right now. The Mets are in a free fall and now that they’ve sold off multiple pieces, it’s not stopping. Next year’s power rankings are really going to annoy their fans, considering they’re figuring on competing in two or three years.


21. Cleveland Guardians (+4)

Four teams in the bottom third of the power rankings come from the American League Central. That said, Cleveland still has a really good chance of taking the division. It’s a weak division but they’re playing good enough baseball.


20. San Diego Padres (-1)

There are some serious questions that need to be answered by general manager A.J. Preller and manager Bob Melvin. This team should be in the top 10, if not top five. Instead, they’re the fourth worst team in the division.


19. Minnesota Twins (-10)

And that’s the division! The Minnesota Twins are the best team in the American League Central and they’re still at 19th. Could they pull a 2010 Seattle Seahawks and surprise the world (spoiler: probably not)?


18. Chicago Cubs (+6)

The better Chicago team is making a push for the playoffs. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Cubs make the playoffs, especially after not selling. If they can make a push, manager David Ross may still have a job next year.


17. Los Angeles Angels (-7)

Falling down the power rankings definitely hurts for Angels fans. Do you know what’s going to hurt even more? Being buyers at the trade deadline to try and convince Shohei Ohtani to re-sign after the season, only to lose him and gain nothing out of it, would make them look like fools. That’s not just ugly, that’s bowling shoe ugly.


16. Arizona Diamondbacks (-10)

Arizona fell hard but are still fighting for a spot in the playoffs. They’re just outside the top 10 in runs scored, but they’re also in the top 10 in most runs allowed. If they can just cut down on some of the runs they’re allowing, they’ll be fine.


15. Seattle Mariners (-3)

People were waiting for Seattle to take that next step and while they have in someways, it feels more like a half step. Make no mistake, Seattle is close in the wild card race, they just need to take that step now. It’s better late than never.


14. New York Yankees (-7)

The New York Yankees got two things: Aaron Judge back from injury and exposed. They did not play well without Judge and they didn’t get help at the deadline for him. Regardless of if they make the playoffs or not, there’s going to be questions with both the front office and the manager after the season.


13. Boston Red Sox (+3)

Was anyone expecting Boston to be in the hunt for the wild card race this year? Was anyone expecting them to be a top half team this year? The is answer (despite what many say) is no. With key pieces starting to return from injury, things could get a little interesting.


12. Miami Marlins (+3)

Yes, the Marlins are this good. While there were some doubts with their young manager Skip Schumaker, the way the team has developed has been staggering. They look like a team that could push the Atlanta Braves in the National League East in a year or two (should they stay on track).


11. Cincinnati Reds (+9)

Last year, Cincinnati lost 100 games and had people questioning what their future would be in the off-season. This year, some of their young kids were promoted to the main roster and things have turned around. While they’re fighting off Miami, Arizona and Chicago, it’s hard not to be impressed with their progress, especially when they’re fighting for control of the division with…


10. Milwaukee Brewers (+1)

Milwaukee is currently in a dog fight with Cincinnati for the National League Central lead and it’s starting to come down to the wire. With just about two months left, this is where Milwaukee needs to be careful. All it takes is one bad run and things could get ugly for the Brew Crew.


9. Philadelphia Phillies (+12)

From now until the end of the season, Philadelphia is going to be a team to watch. They’re not going to catch Atlanta for the National League East crown, their spot in the wild card is far from secured. And while they made a good move at the trade deadline, so did most of the teams on their tail.


8. Toronto Blue Jays (+5)

Things are going to get interesting for Canada’s lone team. Most of their remaining games are against division opponents, all of which have a chance to make the playoffs. Toronto is currently sitting in a playoff spot, and could play spoiler for a couple of teams, as well as make a late season push.


7. San Francisco Giants (+11)

The Giants are playing Mr. Mosquito in the National League West. No matter what the Los Angeles Dodgers do, they just can’t get rid of them. While pretty comfortable in the top wild card spot at the moment, they still could push for the division lead.


6. Houston Astros (+2)

Houston isn’t in the top five of these power rankings and they aren’t in first place in the division as August rolls on. That’s surprising. Don’t get it twisted, they’re still a good team and will make the playoffs but this year, it’s easy to wonder how far they actually can go.


5. Los Angeles Dodgers (-1)

The biggest story coming out of the trade deadline was Los Angeles being rejected by Detroit Tigers’ pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez and being forced to pivot to trading for Kansas City Royals pitcher Ryan Yarborough. With San Francisco in the rear view mirror, this is where the rubber meets the road. Did they do enough to try and put the Giants, division hopes away early or will they ultimately settle for a wild card spot?


4. Texas Rangers (-2)

Don’t let the slight drop fool you, Texas is still dangerous. The’ve added a former Cy Young winner (Max Scherzer), a great arm (Jordan Montgomery) and another depth piece catcher (Austin Hedges) bolster a roster that has remained near the top all year. Texas may finally get that ring, should they remember to chew their food enough.


3. Tampa Bay Rays (-2)

Once again, Tampa Bay is not only in the top five, but is amongst the top three teams. What’s surprising is, they’re not even the highest team in their division. They may be King Kong but we all know who the king of the monsters is and that’s…


2. Baltimore Orioles (+1)

Godzilla! Nobody saw Baltimore coming on this strong. Nobody saw them coming on this late. Now they are a threat in the American League.


1. Atlanta Braves (+4)

The Braves not only grab an A grade “For The A,” they finish this part of the season at the top of the class. Atlanta has been a top five team in every power ranking so far this year (and we’re sure they’ll be their next month), so to finally see them as the top team in baseball is a great feat. Could this be the start of the road to their fifth World Series ring?

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