Marcus Brown- Defying All Odds Against Me

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As I’m getting my notes ready preparing for the interview, he is dialed in even after just finishing up dinner while watching the game with teammates. He seems very professional anticipating the questions that will get thrown to him. 

Marcus Brown hails from San Antonio Texas, and later moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. The 6’2″ wide receiver’s humbled and respectable demeanor comes from his father which was in the military, yet this attitude doesn’t transfer onto the field. His tenacious and physical style is a big contrast of what you see off the field. “I’m fast, I run a 4.4, and jump high with a 38-inch-vertical”, says Brown who describes his attributes that gives him an edge over defenders. Brown has shown the capability of making big plays throughout his collegian career.

Brown played his college football at Chadron State College. The large-framed wide receiver is mainly compared to Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ wide out Vincent Jackson. His height and size gives him the advantage to tower over defensive backs while still having the speed to run pass them. Like Jackson, he’s able to go across the middle and make catches in traffic and because of his reliable hands, the acrobatic catches have become the norm which renders the comparisons. Although flattered, he sees himself with the attitude of his favorite receiver Anquan Boldin. “He’s not the fastest receiver, he’s not 6’6″ like [Calvin Johnson] Megatron, he just make plays”, says Brown. “He doesn’t have the best skill-set but it just shows you can play, he’s just a baller.”

Even with all of his God-given talent, Brown was humbled and shocked for being invited to the National Bowl in Daytona Beach, Florida at Larry Kelly Field (a Bowl game for the outstanding players from the Division II and III schools). “I was praying that somehow I would get to play another game. I just didn’t want it to end” exclaims Brown. Because of Chadron State’s passing situation, it limited Brown’s stats. “I sent my film to certain bowl game [committees] and I received a call within 30 minutes” says Brown.

Defying all odds is nothing new to Brown. He’s had to face adversity and overcome it throughout his collegian career and even throughout life. “Certain times I didn’t get playing time that I felt like I needed but when I got the chance, I would perform” says Brown. Coming from a Division II school, exposure is vital and because of certain situations the team had to go through, playing time and stats weren’t available. Brown’s will not to give up didn’t just come from wanting to make it to the next level in spite of, it actually came from his family. His father, being from the military, always made sure Brown didn’t lose focus. “My dad kept me on the right path always telling me never to give up on anything.”

Through example, he learned not to give up from his mother. Around the age of nine, Brown’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. “During that time, we’re worried about her and she’s still telling me to keep pressing on what I’m doing and helping everybody around her out and she’s sick” says Brown. “She kept telling me to follow my dreams and she supported me all the way.” His mother is now cancer free and able to watch her son fulfill his dream. Wanting to help his sister and and make his family proud, gives him motivation when it seems everything is looking bleak. 

Being able to withstand adversity through his journey, Brown’s goal is to make a name for himself in football and a legacy. “I want to make something of myself, I want to be great and just leave a mark. How will I be remembered”, says Brown. He’s ready for the challenge and cherishes his opportunity to display his skill-set and determination to make it to the next level to the numerous NFL and Canadian Football League (CFL) scouts who will be present at the National Bowl on December 4, 2016. Brown knows that the one attribute that no one can teach or learn will be shown through his play. “I think my work ethic will stand out and they will see how bad I want it, especially since I know I’m not guaranteed.” Brown seems ready and anxious to take advantage of his chance to jump over another hurdle. Because of his experience and work ethic, there’s a chance he will have a chance to clear more huddles at the next level.  Click here for Marcus Brown Senior highlights


The National Bowl will be broadcast live exclusively on The 3 Point Conversion Station/




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