Envisioning Jadeveon Clowney As A Tennessee Titan

The Tennessee Titans are moving towards a new season with Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry back. Some pieces are gone but they are still going to be competitive.

One piece, however, was missing for them last season and is still missing right now. The Titans could create pressure but they don’t have a feared pass rusher.

This offseason the Titans still have an opportunity to add that feared pass-rusher in Jadeveon Clowney. The former Seahawk is still on the market and he is the most-prized player available.

Him playing with the Titans would be a welcome addition, especially with his former defensive coordinator Mike Vrabel as his head coach. How would he fit in Tennessee?

The Titans had to scheme a lot of their pressures last season. One of their top sack guys, Logan Ryan, was a cornerback. There is no way a cornerback should be third on your team in sacks.

With Clowney, all of that changes. Clowney will get his fair share of attention and will get his sacks but what he also could do is boost the stats of the rest of the linemen/outside linebackers.

Imagine Clowney lined up next to budding star Jeffery Simmons up front or imagine Vic Beasley Jr. or Harold Landry III lined up opposite of Clowney. With the attention Clowney would get, there is no way you can double all of them. Simmons, Landry or Beasley Jr. should be good enough to make things happen with single coverage, especially when facing the weaker offensive tackle of an opponent.

Along with Clowney making the Titans better up front, he also makes things easier for their secondary. Against the Chiefs in last year’s AFC Championship game, the Titans just could not get pressure on Patrick Mahomes. The result was a dominating performance where the Titans just could not keep up with the Chiefs and Mahomes had alot of time.

Adding Clowney to the fold not only helps the Titans get pressure but allows the secondary to not have to cover so long. With less time in the pocket, the quarterback has to throw the football before routes develop, leading to interceptions and incomplete passes.

That leads to Tennessee handing the football back to their offense, which would mean more times opposing defenses would have to tackle last season’s leading rusher, Derrick Henry.

The Titans have a real shot at making their defense more dynamic than last year. He could be the ultimate eraser of any faults they have on that side of the ball. The question is, will he come?

That question has yet to be answered and there may not be an answer for some time but it would definitely be interesting for him to come to Nashville.

Mike Patton

Nashville, Tennessee

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