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Here’s the scenario. It’s 3rd and 10, the Carolina Panthers are around mid-field. You can hear Jim Nantz now “[Cam] Newton back to pass, he’s got Ted Ginn Jr. wide open deep, here’s the throw”, let’s pause it right there. The biggest question for the Panthers today comes at that interval, will Ginn catch the ball. Carolina sports the No. 1 rushing attack in the NFL. Newton is having the season of his life imposing a league high 45 touchdowns. The newly crowned league M.V.P. has thrown it in Ginn direction 97 times and connected 44 times ten of those for touchdowns. Obviously you have a bunch of reasons for the other 53 times they didn’t have succes.

The defensive focus on the Panthers’ unstoppable deep threat was heightened this season even with the loss of Kelvin Benjamin for the season. Ginn matched up against the opposing teams’ best defensive back for most of the games this season.There’s of course miscommunication, nothing you could do about that but huddle up for the next play. The tricky part comes when Ginn sees nothing but daylight and totally drops the ball (I guess that should be literally huh). The 10 drops all season ranked 3rd amongst starting wide receivers (given his amount of targets that’s a 10.4 drop percentage).

Enough with the small talk, the Super Bowl is about big time plays and big time players. Ginn was a top ten pick (9th overall in 2007) nabbed to be a big play wide receiver/kick returner coming out of Ohio State University. In the event Jim Nantz does start that play call, we can only wonder what the result will be. It’s a high risk high reward kind of deal. We will get several views at that scenario. It’s the Super Bowl, the stakes are high and I’m betting Newton is a gambling man .

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