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Dear Mr. Stephen Ross,

Hello sir, I come to you today as a longtime (long-suffering) Miami Dolphins fan. We’ve just completed another non-winning season. You could’ve fired Joe Philbin before the season, instead you waited until a quarter of it was done. Great job hiring Mike Tannenbaum and hardly giving him any power other than a cap analyst. You know he built a New York Jets team that went to two AFC Championships.

You then continue to fire coordinators left and right to keep the season in turmoil. If you love your franchise and it’s fans, please do not let this winter linger. Please do not hire an idiot coach. Please do not go after big free agents with gaudy contracts that doesn’t make the team better. Please find some help upfront for Ryan Tannehill. Please let the football guys in the front office make football decisions. Please don’t make our winter miserable.

Dear Mr. Mara & Mr. Tisch
Hello gentleman, I come to you as a native New Yorker. I’ve watched the New York Giants win multiple championships. The franchise has been the staple for football in the state for decades. I know you wanted to give coach Tom Coughlin another season to try and right the ship. I understand the need for that meeting on Monday and also understand it’s time to move on. Coughlin was a great coach that has tied for the franchise record in Super Bowl wins.

However, I don’t know why you fellas feel the need to retain Jerry Reese the vice president in charge of player personnel. He’s failed in that capacity. The Giants played much of the season with movable parts at multiple positions. Resse has failed to fill up the cupboard with goodies. The defense needs an overhaul completely it seems. It was hard to generate a pass rush until Jason Pierre Paul came back one finger short (another fiasco Reese botched up). If you love your team and its fans, please do not leave Eli Manning without a complete offensive line for like the 100th season. Please find some play makers on defense. Please find a tight end or slot receiver to balance the offense. Please fire Jerry Reese. Please don’t make the Giants fan’s winter miserable

AP Photo courtesy of Michael Conroy
AP Photo courtesy of Michael Conroy

Dear Mr. Irsay
Hello sir, I come to you as an avid football fan. I know you have been in the middle of your own personal problems the last couple of years but you own a team. After being suspended for a part of last season, you saw your team go to the AFC Championship game and lost ( amidst some controversy ). You then went out and added some veteran skill position players to bolster your offense, but didn’t address the offensive line. I can’t kill you for Andrew Luck being injured most of this season, even though he never looked comfortable behind that makeshift line.

After a disappointing season, you announced a contract extension for coach Chuck Pagano, no worries he deserves another shot. Just tell me how can you justify signing a contract extension for general manager Ryan Grigsen? I don’t think I’m being to harsh. You’ve drafted a once in a lifetime quarterback after having another once in a lifetime QB (Peyton Manning). Don’t you think building a team around him should be the plan? If you love your team and it’s fans , please explain to your newly extended GM to build a stout offensive line. Please find a young running back that can make plays and score touchdowns. Please find some young wide recievers that won’t be finished in a season (Andre Johnson). Please go out and add some more play makers to the defense. Please don’t make the Colts fans winter miserable.                                                                                                                                       




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