Coaching Carousel- “Did They Really Make That Move”

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After weeks of spinning the “NFL firing and hiring carousel”, it seems as though it has finally stopped. Of course there were your obvious no brainer hires. Also, certain hires that you made you scratch your head and shrug your shoulders and other hirings that just does not make any sense at all. After all the moves that were made, I am caught off guard of the moves that were not made but before we discuss those moves let us discuss the transactions that were.


Cleveland Browns

First of all, Mike Pettine had no chance in Cleveland from the very beginning. You have an owner in Jimmy Haslam who grew up idolizing the Pittsburgh Steelers organization but has changed more head coaches and front office personnel in a couple of years than Pittsburgh has in there existance. He wants to win now but is not allowing the plan to fully develop. General Manager Ray Farmer did a horrible job with drafting. Justin Gilbert who was a lottery pick has been a complete bust and then there is the Johnny Manziel selection in which in no regards do I feel bad for the Browns with this pick. Cleveland knew exactly what they were getting when they selected Manziel and it came back to bite them. While taking a chance on Johnny Football, Farmer had the opportunity to take the future face of the franchise with Teddy Bridgewater or Derek Carr, but failed to do so by going with the popularity pick that ultimately cost him his job.

So let the Hue Jackson era begin. I was very surprised to see Jackson take this job since he was such a hot commodity out there. The best move Jackson made before he drew up his first x’s and o’s for the organization was kicking Manziel to the curb. Jackson knows how important it is to have a leader at the quarterback position. Coaching quarterbacks such as Carson Palmer and Andy Dalton is a vast difference from coaching Manziel which does not fit that mold at all. If Jackson is granted time, I believe he can get the Browns pointed in the right direction but will he the get the time he needs?


Miami Dolphins

Was there a hotter name as a potential head coach than Adam Gase? Gase who turned down opportunities last year may have landed in a feast or famine situation in Miami. Remember, Joe Philbin was the hottest and most sought out mind offensively coming from Green Bay before accepting the Dolphins head coach and we saw how that ended. Gase will have plenty of weapons to use offensively, starting with Ryan Tannehill.

I feel good about this connection. Jay Cutler had a great year that was overshadowed under Gase. Also with outside threats with the likes of Jarvis Landry, Kenny Stills and the rookie Devante Parker, Miami should be very explosive for the next couple of years. But you do remember me saying famine right, because this team did not play up to their potential at all this year. While the Ndamukong Suh signing was a good move, we did not always see it this year. There’s a feeling that Miami hit a homerun with hiring Gase but only time will tell.


New York Giants

I understand the Giants hiring Ben McAdoo just to keep Manning comfortable and not giving him the burden of learning another offense. I just question how it went down. If I am Tom Couglin, I ask myself how is it that my entire staff is still intact except for me. This makes me wonder was this all on Coughlin? Honestly, I have to say yes. No disrespect to coach Coughlin and his two Super Bowls, but it was just time for a change and the players needed a new voice in their ears. The first year under McAdoo’s offense, the G-men struggled and sometimes it was just downright ugly but this year the Giants west coast offense did not look bad at all. As long as Manning keeps connecting with Odell Becham Jr., the Giants will be ok offensively.


Philadelphia Eagles

So let me get this right, the Eagles fired Andy Reid to hire Chip Kelly, then fired Kelly and brought in Doug Pederson, Reid’s offensive coordinator in Kansas City, just so Philly can run the same offense Reid was running there. Hmm.. Yeah.. Ok.. I am scratching my head on that one as well. While I like what Pederson is bringing to the Eagles, to tell you the truth, I like what Pederson has to work with in Philly.

The Eagles have some weapons in place that Kelly left behind. You have a stud running back in DeMarco Murray that you have to get back on course. You also have two legit backup running backs in Ryan Matthews and Darren Sproles. The receiving core is not all that bad with Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agular and tight end Zach Ertz. The defense has pieces in the puzzle with defensive lineman Fletcher Cox and linebackers Mychal Kendricks and Kiko Alonso are maybe the fastest linebacker duo in the league. Yet the main challenge that haunts the organization is finding their franchise quarterback. If Pederson is able to get his prayer answered and get just a decent QB, then the Eagles will be back on track.


San Francisco 49ers

Well it did not take Chip Kelly long to find his next gig. This time it seems like he has the perfect signal caller to run his fast break offense. In the words of the legendary Lee Corso “No so fast my friend”. While Colin Kaepernick is arguably the most athletic quarterback in the league and will be a real read option threat unlike Sam Bradford, Nick Foles, and Mark Sanchez, Kelly is big on being an accurate passer. Not only does Kaepernick not read defenses well he is not accurate with the football. Now I am not saying this is not going to work but Kaepernick is still a project that still needs to be coached up. Not to mention, the NFC West is a black and blue division. With good defenses from all the teams in the division do you really want to expose Kap to those hits repeatedly?


Tennessee Titans

There is no one who can say they saw the Titans hiring Mike Mularkey happening. I would like to tell you why it happened but heck, I do not know why. The only thing I can think of is they wanted Marcus Mariota to be comfortable and stay in the same offensive system. I like what Tennessee has with Mariota and fellow rookie wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham but other than that, they have a buch holes that need filling which makes sense why the organization came out with a statement saying they are willing to trade the first overall pick.

The Titans have quite a few players who have not lived up to expectations such as Justin Hunter, Chance Warmack, and Taylor Lewan. Another valuable commodity the Titans have is backup quarterback Zach Mettenberger. With plenty of teams looking for a possible starter or dependable backup, Mettenberger fits that need and the Titans are going to need draft picks to be competitive. So looking to trade him is certainly an option. This will be very interesting.






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