5 Reasons To Avoid Super Bowl Parties If You’re Real Football Fans

The most celebrated sports event in America is definitely the Super Bowl. One can say that it’s even bigger than the Olympics. Regardless, this is the time where most of everybody acts like it’s a holiday and make plans for this special event. Some might even take off the next day.

You will have some people planning to host parties, crash parties or even sit at home and watch the game in peace and quiet. Personally, I’ve had some horrible experiences at these get-togethers for the Super Bowl. Why you might ask, just take a look at the five reasons to avoid Super Bowl parties if you’re real dedicated football fans.


5.) Non Football Fans

Super Bowl parties bring out everybody whether die hard fans or not. Mostly, there are people there just for the food, atmosphere, and card games. There once was a time where they were playing cards at a so-called party I was invited to and someone attempted to turn the volume down because they couldn’t hear each other during a spades game (Needles to say I almost got kicked out). Some people don’t even know who’s playing in the big game but they know who made the rotel dip.


4.) Semi-Football Fans Who Think They Know Football

These fans might be the worst ones. Here is your type of fan that knows just enough because they played Pee-Wee football, high school football or watches it occasionally. They know the basics of the game but will make up their own stats. For instance, you ever here somebody make an outrageous comment and they know they are right. Prime example, “Joe Montana is better than Tom Brady, he went to 10 Super Bowls.” What about “Julio Jones is the best receiver ever, didn’t he break the record for most touchdowns in a season?”


3.) Fans Of Teams That Are Garbage And Want To Talk Trash

Nothing is more annoying than if your team is in the Super Bowl and someone at the party who’s team is horrible wants to talk mess when your team is losing. There should be a law that says if your team is not in the big game, then you can’t speak of any team that is actually in. This might start a fight, you saying something personal or even dumping the cheese dip on their head. I understand if it’s a rivalry team but if your team is the Cleveland Browns, you have nothing to say to fans of the Super Bowl Teams or any team for that matter.


2.) Distractions From The Game

Have you ever been at a Super Bowl Party and it get’s too loud where you can’t hear the television? Not because fans are yelling, cheering or throwing things but because they are in the room with the food arguing about if “Coming To America”, “Dumb And Dumber”, “Friday” or “Hangover” is the funniest movie. The sad part is you usually get caught up in it yourself and miss a crucial play. If the halftime show is good, then it’s who had the best halftime show ever? Hearing the commentators is key because you find out about injuries or certain stats that are critical to the game.


1.) Having To Wait For Someone To Move Their Car Because You’re Blocked In

The worst is trying to leave but you are blocked in because someone double parked or parked behind you. Now you have to wait for them to leave but they are still talking about how Eddie Murphy made Coming To America the funniest movie. You have to get ready for work and your team lost but you are stuck in misery because of someone taking their time to leave. 


So if you are a real and die hard football fan, please make sure you avoid these parties or create a small one for fans like yourself so you can avoid these mind boggling situations.


Raphael Haynes

Atlanta, GA

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