2016 Globe Bowl Pro Day Review

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The Globe Bowl is an annual post-season football All-Star Game featuring standout college seniors and pro free agents. The inaugural Globe Bowl was played on April 12, 2015 at Salisbury Township Football Stadium in Allentown, PA. The Globe Bowl features the 6th annual National Pro Day Scouting Combine on the initial report day featuring a pro-style NFL combine. The National Bowl event company returned to the Lehigh Valley after starting the renowned National Bowl there in 2010 before moving to Miami, FL. The Globe Bowl features a full roster of 100 players and National Bowl Coaches and scouts from around the globe including scouts from the Canadian Football League (CFL), Arena Football League (AFL), and European League. The Globe Bowl will be played annually in the Spring of each year to give players a final chance to gain film and exposure before the NFL & CFL drafts.

The 2016 Globe Bowl requested many stand-out division I, II, and III, and current football free agents coming to compete in a standard pro day that many football fans have grown accustom to viewing prior to the yearly NFL draft. With coverage over the pro day and combines growing at larger schools, you can surely expect the Globe Bowl to continue to grow as a staple for scouts looking to find hidden gems that have developed throughout their college years. There can and will be some who will make a difference, perhaps even stardom in various professional football leagues.

The Weekend began with a traditional pro day combine. Players were sure to let their results speak for themselves as they look for that next opportunity to full-fill their lifelong dreams of playing professional football. Drills that were conducted on Friday April 1, were the 40 yard run, shuttle drill, 3-cone drill, broad jump, and the bench press set at 225 lbs. Some standouts of the 40-yard run were notably: Jaron Moorer 4.41, Lewis Bailey 4.44, Eric Morrison 4.48, and Darnell Bloom 4.48. A wild and energetic competition was on at the bench press as strength was on full display as players demonstrated through an impressive session. Jamie Holbrook set the bar high as he was able to get 30 reps in at the 225 lbs. Just when scouts and players thought that would be the high for the day, Mathew Pellerin put up an astonishing 38 reps sending the crowd into an absolute frenzy. The stand out LB from Husson University was ecstatic and appreciative of the moral support from teammates and on-looking spectators.

Scouts that were specifically looking for agility during the pro day workout got what they wanted. The shuttle, cone drill and broad jump were equally as competitive as the other drills. The RB, WR, CB, S, FS positions needed to show their athletic abilities outside of speed shown in the 40-yard dash. Being able to plant your feet and move at a high speed is critical when it comes to close out plays. As most fans and scouts know, football is a game of inches, and that is the difference between a play made and lost in a blink of an eye. The broad jump saw outstanding performances by Trevon Wilks ’10”2 from Stevenson University, Brandon Hathaway, Dominque Fulton, Andrae Simpson, all coming in at ‘9”10.

Just as the players didn’t disappoint their alma mater, the same goes for the pro day. The all-stars displayed why they were hand picked to participate in the biggest interview of their lives so far. For a day that would present the most competition, the players rooted and cheered each other on for support. The results put the scouts in a difficult but great position to decide on which players they will choose from the celebrated event. It is safe to say that this year’s pro day was a success and should continue to become even more successful for years to come.

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