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The 3 Point Conversion Week 17 Picks
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The 3 Point Conversion Week 17 Picks

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Games of the Week (1)  Weekly-Pic-Shape4    Weekly-Pic-Shape3  Weekly-Pic-Shape1  
Overall Records 148-104-2 156-96-2 132-121-2 145-107-2 163-89-2

Ravens vs. Bengals

 No Pick

Jaguars vs. Colts  No Pick polls_Colts_20logo_1651_225107_answer_2_small polls_Colts_20logo_1651_225107_answer_2_small polls_Colts_20logo_1651_225107_answer_2_small
Patriots vs. Dolphins No pick
Bears vs. Vikings No pick
Bills vs. Jets No pick
Cowboys vs. Eagles No pick
Browns vs. Steelers No pick pittsburgh CLE_logo-80x90 pittsburgh pittsburgh
Panthers vs. Buccaneers No pick
Texans vs. Titans  No pick
Saints vs. Falcons  No pick atlanta_falcons_logo_small atlanta_falcons_logo_small
Raiders vs. Broncos No pick
Cardinals vs. Rams No pick
Chiefs vs. Chargers No pick
Seahawks vs. 49ers No pick
Giants vs. Redskins No pick

                                  no pick                                              


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