Trae Young Is Looking More Comfortable

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After going 12-52 from the field and 3-24 from three point land in his first three Summer League games, Trae Young looked as if he settled down in his first game in the Las Vegas Summer League.

Young posted numbers of 21 points on 4-12 from the field (3-9 from behind the arch), 11 assists and three rebounds. There was more of a flow to his game than any other game he played in this summer.

His assist told part of the story as he looked for the open man more times than not. There were times where he had an open shot or an opportunity to get a layup and he chose to get his teammates involved instead.

This goes deeper than just him collecting assist, this will stick in the minds of his teammates and gain their trust. This creates an illusion that will make his teammates want to work harder on setting screens for him so he can get open to be able to be a threat either passing or taking an open shot.

The assist also opened up his offensive game which got him better shots and open lanes for him to drive. The more he was looking to create, the more confident he got in his decision making.

His shooting percentage wasn’t great but his shot looked more fluent with more confidence. He forced the first few shots but then started to play “Trae’s” game and although it might have looked like he was forcing them, he was in his comfort level.

What makes Young special is his range is limitless. The offensive scheme allows him freedom to shoot when he feels it’s necessary. In the game against the New York Knicks, he took the shots he’s most comfortable with and after knocking down a few, it actually made his opponent play a little closer which gave him room to drive and dish to an open man.

His body language also displayed his confidence throughout the game. He was more in rhythm and nothing was rushed. In the first three games, he rushed shots and turned the ball over because he couldn’t find his rhythm.

In tonight’s game, he utilized the pick more and played off of how the roll defender reacted. If the game continues to slow down for him, his potential will become reality and then he will manifest in what the Atlanta Hawks envisioned after drafting him.

His numbers might have looked better but Young getting more comfortable is the most important factor for him. The shots will fall, he just needs his confidence to rise and once that happens, the sky is the limit.


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