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Stephen Curry is now a two-time league MVP after winning the award. He becomes the first unanimous winner of the award since they started handing them out in 1956. Really think about it though, in a league with a plethora of superstars (a league in which LeBron James still plays in), all 131 of the people voting put Curry’s name in first place.

Of course you still have the naysayers. Former NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady (T-Mac) had this to say hours after the winner was announced. “For him to get this unanimously, it just tells you how watered down our league is. When you think of MJ, Shaq…I mean, those guys really played against top notch competition. More superstars, I think, on more teams, than it is in our league today. But it’s well deserved. He had a hell of a season.” I wonder has T-Mac watched the NBA recently? More to the fact did he watch the game the night before?

Game 4 Western Conference Semifinals, Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trailblazers. A hobbled Stephen Curry stepped on the court in overtime then proceded to re-write history yet again in his first game back in weeks after suffering a knee sprain vs the Houston Rockets. He dazzled the crowd with his usual array of yoyo dribble moves and three point shots from everywhere. He would finish the game with 17 points in the overtime period ( giving him 40 overall), which is the first time anybody scored that many points in an overtime period in history. He looked up and down the raucous crowd and yelled “I’m Back!”

Curry has led the Warriors to the best regular season record ever with a 73-9 record. He led the league in a number categories from points per game (30.1) , to steals per game (2.1), to a record breaking 402 three pointers made. Across the board he has displayed his star power taking over games and taking other teams hearts with those daggers. Tracy McGrady and all the other haters can talk all the foolishness they want. He’s come up against the best and beat them. All that’s left is for him to finish off this season as a two-time league champion to go along with his two MVP trophies. Congratulations to Stephen Curry, best in the league.

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