The Titans Are Fighting Two Opponents On Sunday

The Tennessee Titans rebounded nicely this past weekend versus the Jacksonville Jaguars. They came out and immediately took control of the game in the decisive 31-10 win.

Next up for the Titans in their finish to the season is the Detroit Lions. A win in this game would give the Titans their first ten-win season since they were 13-3 in 2008. However, it will not be easy because they will not be battling just their opponent.

The Lions have had their issues this year as a team. From D’Andre Swift dropping a potential game-winner earlier in the season to their defensive backs dropping like flies, it has been another hard season in Motown. When you look at their team, you see a defense that has not done well and an offense that has been interesting at times and an eyesore at others.

Coming into this game, the Titans would be the hands-down favorite to not only win, but win convincingly. While that may be true, they cannot take Detroit lightly.

The secondary issues with Detroit may be pronounced, but the Titans must continue to stay focused on their gameplan: to get Derrick Henry going in the run game and then hit explosive passes off of play-action. That formula has gotten them to where they are to this point.

It will be tantamount for Tennessee offensive coordinator Arthur Smith to maintain their strategy with the playcalling from the onset and to stay stubborn with who they are. The Titans do have an edge in the passing game, but it will not be able to be taken advantage of if they stray from their identity.

The Titans’ defense must continue the focus they had from the game against Jacksonville. They were up for the game against a bad Jaguar team and they must continue to be focused versus Detroit. Letting down against a perceived bad opponent will not help this team as they surge towards the postseason. The more they are dialed in, the better the game will go.

Complacency never gets easy to overcome and in this game, it will be something the Titans will face as a whole. The Lions are the opponent, but the man in the mirror for Tennessee will be very telling as to how things go on Sunday.

Mike Patton

Nashville, Tennessee

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