The Jay Cutler Questions

Ab Stanley

The Miami Dolphins have signed quarteback Jay Cutler to a one year deal worth $10 million dollars. Dolphins head coach Adam Gase served as Cutler’s offensive coordinator in 2015 when both were with the Chicago Bears. It was widely regarded as his best season. He threw for 3,659 yards 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

That relationship apparently made him the first choice to replace injured starter Ryan Tamnehill. Cutler was all but retired and ready to start a television job before the team reached out to him. The correlation between coach and player makes them believe the transition will be smooth. Was it the right signing? The Dolphins might’ve created more questions than they solved.


Matt Moore

Moore, the reigning Dolphins starter, took over for an injured Tannehill last season. He threw for 721 yards, eight TDs, three interceptions with a 62.3 completion percentage.

He would start the final three regular season games going 2-1 while the team rallied around him to sneak into the playoffs. The Dolphins went up against the Pittsburgh Steelers for the playoff matchup. In the second quarter, Moore received a devastating blow from Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree (one he’s probably still feeling).

Even after that hit, he would finish the game. The team couldn’t help but admire his toughness and grit. So why not give him the starters job. The team is already familiar with him and he definitely knows the playbook.

Signing Cutler to be a starter over Moore will most likely alienate the trusted backup. The kicker is they might still need Moore to step in! So basically they don’t believe in him now but he should think they believe in him if an injury occurs. That should go over well with the nine-year veteran.


Colin Kaepernick

The saga continues for Colin Kaepernick, a man that did nothing more than stick up for his race and protested against injustice. The NFL seemingly is not hiding the fact that they aren’t comfortable with his actions.

Now the Dolphins are put right at the forefront of those teams. Sure reports of the team “considering” Kaepernick came out in the past couple of days.

Let’s take a look into the consideration bucket shall we.

The Dolphins considered Kyle Orton, an off and on again starter. The team also considered minor league baseball sensation Tim Tebow, a quarterback from a five-year hiatus, ok. Kaepernick is easily the best quarterback on the market.

If there was ever a time to bring in a guy with his skill set, it would be now. It would give Gase a weapon you couldn’t just find anywhere.

Why wouldn’t the Dolphins sign a guy with this much to prove?

If they are trying to make a playoff push, why not get the guy who’s actually led his team to the Super Bowl?

The financial side of it would even be a plus as Kaepernick wouldn’t demand top dollar at this point. For him to be thrown into the “considerations” bucket is laughable (and few other words I can think of).

All the questions won’t be answered immediately.

We don’t know if Kaepernick will be signed to prove them wrong on the field. We have no clue if Moore will have to jump in and start a few games.

We don’t know if Cutler can find a chemistry with his teammates and win games in Miami. We won’t know anything until sometime in December when the season is almost over.

The one thing we do know, Jay Cutler signing in Miami raises more questions than answers.

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