The Best Defense For Tennessee Is Ball-Control Offense

The Titans are headed back to the playoffs. They got over the hump of finishing 9-7 by completing the season with an 11-5 record and an AFC South crown. With the playoffs coming up and the Baltimore Ravens coming to town, there is only one way the Titans can maximize their chances to win; ball-control offense.

Because of the successful season, most fans have a great amount of hope for them to go far in the playoffs.

The reason some don’t feel they have a strong chance to make it deep in the playoffs is because of their defense. The perfect example of their defensive struggles were shown this past Sunday when they had a big lead in the second half and let the Houston Texans back in the game in the drop of a hat.

Fortunately, the Titans were able to still pull out a 41-38 win but it should not have been that difficult with the lead they had.

Tennessee has shown to be able to strike from any distance on the field this season. While that has been good for the offense, it has not been good for the defense, getting back on the field quickly after those explosive plays.

What the Titans need more of is those long, time-consuming drives where they feed the ball to Derrick Henry that hopefully ends in touchdowns. Those types of drives would cut down the time the opponent has the football, therefore limiting the defense’s stint on the field.

An offense with less chances to score isn’t going to put up as many points theoretically and it would make their margin of error tighter. On the flip side, it would make the Titans defense only have to get maybe one-to-three timely stops for the game as oppose to three or more. The less times the Titans have to depend on their defense to stop teams, the better their chance they have to win.

There were hopes for this defense to get better as the season goes along but at this point, that has dwindled down as far as improving.

They are who they are, which is a defense that is not very dependable. So instead head coach Mike Vrabel hoping they can make things happen, he needs to depend on the stronger side of the ball to lead the way.

It’s imperative Henry wears on opposing defenses and let Ryan Tannehill continue to extend drives with third-down conversions to weapons like wide receivers A.J. Brown and Corey Davis.

The less the Titans defense are on the field, the better they have any hope of making a deep playoff run.

Mike Patton

Nashville, Tennessee

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