What To Do With Ryan Tannehill Beyond This Season?

The Tennessee Titans went into this season trying to find out what they did or didn’t have with Marcus Mariota. They were expecting him to play the whole season and get a true picture of what he was but with him getting benched, a new quarterback conundrum arose.

Ryan Tannehill has stepped in for Mariota and gone 3-1. The Titans are still in the playoff hunt under his guidance and plenty have begun to wonder not only what this season holds for Tannehill and the Titans but next year as well.

One option the Titans could explore is bringing Tannehill back next season as the unquestioned starter. When he was traded to the Titans, he and his agent were looking for somewhere he would have the opportunity to start and that’s how he landed in Nashville.

So far, in his chance to start, he has not exactly been great numbers-wise (eight touchdowns and four interceptions) but he has been good when the Titans need him to be. It would be hard to part with him as the starter if they make the playoffs.

Another option the Titans have is to bring Tannehill back but bring him back as a stopgap. As well as the Titans are playing now, they could easily not make the playoffs. Tannehill has showed that he is a capable quarterback but depending on a quarterback already in his 30’s to become your franchise isn’t the trend when it comes to the NFL.

In this case, the Titans would more than likely get a young quarterback and allow him to grow into the position while Tannehill essentially plays until they feel the youngster is ready.

Tannehill and his agent were looking for a situation that would allow him the chance to start before he was traded to Tennessee. Both situations would allow him to start but being the stopgap is the more likely situation. With that being said, does Tannehilll want to be that or does he want to look elsewhere for more of a stable chance to start consistently with no questions?

We aren’t quite there yet in the season yet but this will be a question that continues to gain steam as the season goes on. Eventually the Titans and Tannehill will have to answer. For now though, the Titans have some momentum going and are trending upward with Tannehill. We will see how much that means to the Titans once the offseason arrives.


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