Rams and Patriots Have Different Approaches For Opening Night

“Opening Night” was a tale of tales from both teams as the vibe, answers and excitement from both teams differed from one other.

The Los Angeles Rams haven’t been to the Super Bowl since 2001 which oddly enough was against the New England Patriots. 24-year old Tom Brady led the Patriots to their first Super Bowl title. When asked about if he remembers watching, Rams quarterback Jared Goff replied “I was seven-years old and I really don’t remember watching the game.”

The Rams as a whole were very loose during the festivities Monday night and it showed from their answers. Rams’ running back Todd Gurley was asked how did it feel about having two Georgia Bulldog running backs starting in the backfield. Gurley replied, “I know what it’s like having one Georgia running back. Sike (jokingly), naw, I haven’t had a chance to talk to him.”

Meanwhile, when I asked Patriots’ running back Sony Michel, although a rookie, his answer differed from Gurley’s. “It’s awesome. I’m excited for him and he deserves everything he gets.”

As a whole the Rams answered with no conviction and made sure they enjoyed every minute of it. To be honest, that’s what Opening Night is for.

Meanwhile, the Patriots seemed vey business like and answered questions like a Bill Belichick team would answer. Although they were excited, you could sense that they were very experienced by the way they conducted themselves except for first time Super Bowl player Cordarrelle Patterson.

Patterson was asked about if he was worried about the team asking him to throw a pass or maybe even punt the ball since he usually does it all for the Patriots. Patterson replies “Now why would I be worried about throwing a touch down pass or punt. You know that would look good on my resume now.”

Both teams were appreciative in being there but the contrast was very evident. This will definitely be displayed this week but what style will come out on top on Super Bowl Sunday will be the intriguing question.

Raphael Haynes

Atlanta, GA

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