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I introduce myself and he does the same. His vibe is very professional but the excitement is sneaking through just a little. He’s focused at the task at hand and very attentive. One could only imagine what he’s like before an actual game.

Paul Magloire Jr. is a senior safety at Arizona University from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, born and raised with his brother and sister by his mother. Magloire, standing at 6’1″ weighing 227 lbs, is a gifted athletic hybrid-safety that flies around the field. His quickness and awareness propels him to suffocate the ball carrier. “I’m good in the box, I tackle very well, good against the offensive line and I cover well,” says Magloire. His pursuit to the ball with speed gives him an edge against most lineman. Magloire was used to blitz and play tight in the box on a regular basis which displayed his athletic ability.

“My older brother (Mitchell Magloire) played middle linebacker at Akron University. The athleticism just came, we played little league football and it definitely runs in the family.”

His athleticism doesn’t just end at playing safety, he played quarterback also in high school. “My favorite offensive player of all-time is Dan Marino.” Magloire’s favorite NFL defensive player is Eric Weddle, safety for the Baltimore Ravens. Yet still, that is not what most compare him to. “I usually get compared to Deone Bucannon,” says the senior safety. Bucannon is a third-year safety for the Arizona Cardinals. Like Bucannon, Magloire shows he’s very instinctive and is always guessing right. His success is not by accident, Magloire is dedicated to pushing himself to the limit. “I’m always pushing to get better by working and doing extra off the field.” Magloire knows playing safety requires him to be the leader on and off the field. “I feel like younger guys are looking up to me, asking me questions, following my lead,” says Magloire.

Magloire journey through college started at Arizona Western College, a junior college. It didn’t start as glamorous as he wanted to be but he maintained and kept his focus. “Junior college isn’t easy, it can be a struggle,” stated Magloire. “It showed me how to really hone in, buckle down and be appreciative of everything you got.”

In his junior year, Magloire joined the Arizona Wildcats and in his first game, he knew that he belonged there. “I think we were playing UTSA [Roadrunners] and I came off on a blitz from deep playing safety and I smashed the quarterback and I was like, you know what, this is it right here,” remembers Magloire. He didn’t take playing in the Pac 10 for granted. “I was hyped and ecstatic thinking about that I was on this national stage and I’m making plays.”  

Magloire was granted with his first start in his sixth game against the Oregon State Beavers as a junior proving the Wildcats coaches right by leading the team with nine tackles and two tackles for lost. “It was awesome man, it was my first time getting called to a press conference,” says Magloire. “It’s cool rotating in and out but when you get that first start, it’s time to put the big pants on.”

Support has has always been there for Magloire throughout his career. His family has been number one and Magloire realizes he’s blessed to have the support from them. “It’s a blessing that my family has supported me throughout this whole thing,” says Magloire. His coaches from the past have also expressed support and have always been available for him to reach out.

But’s it’s one blessing that has kept Magloire focused, humble and motivated. “I have a son now and I definitely wants him to have more than what I have,” expresses Magloire. His son is seven months old and Magloire lives his life to make sure that his son’s life will be altered in the correct way. Magloire goals are similar to what most college players would want but what stand out is what he would like to be remembered as. “I want to be remembered as a hard worker but most importantly a role model for everyone.”

Magloire has been invited to play in the Tropical Bowl which will be held in Daytona, Florida at Municipal Stadium on January 15, 2017.  The Tropical bowl will be broadcasted live on The 3 Point Conversion Station




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