Operation Thunderstrike

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“Hello Russell Westbrook. Recent events have caused a sudden shift in the NBA. I’ve salvaged what little weapons I have left. In your locker room, you will find a new and improved Steven Adams, a more mature Enes Kanter, a new defensive mechanism named Victor Oladipo, and a new prototype not even tested yet, his name is Domantas Sabonis.

During your mission should you choose to accept it, use these weapons to take control of the NBA. We’ll have to start in the Northwest Division. First off, you’ll need to fend off the Utah Jazz. They come equipped with the sharpshooting Gordon Heyward and a viable defensive system called Rudy Gobert. Your next objective will be to take out the big guns in the Western Conference. The San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors must be taken out the picture, they have the finest weapons in the west. The Spurs have the best defense on the perimeter in the entire league in Kawhi Leonard. He’s flanked by LaMarcus Aldridge a massive force capable of causing damage both inside and out. Then the Warriors will be a particularly tough mission for you seeing as how you’ve failed the last time you saw their team, not to mention your former colleague Kevin Durant now shoots for the enemy. Stay calm in these situations and remember the new weapons you have. You will need them against Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and all their other assassin’s. Be careful!!!

I can’t stress the importance of this mission Agent Westbrook. Use as many triple-doubles and double-doubles as it takes. Also upon completion of this mission, I will most likely have a much bigger assignment in mind for you..one that could involve overthrowing an out of control King and his most trusted minions. Good luck agent Westbrook, we will map your progress through the internet and television sets. **** This message will self destruct in 10 seconds….”

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