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The Denver Broncos are Super Bowl 50 champions!!!! The popular story is Peyton Manning riding off into the sunset on a white bronco (no offense O.J.), hoisting his second championship trophy into the mild high air. The real story however was not on the offensive side of the ball. The real story was a ravenous defense, attacking relentlessly at the Carolina Panthers young offensive players. Seemingly every play was met with ferocity as thunderous hits rang throughout Levi stadium. The crowd singing oohs and ahhs as they watch what can only be called a dismantling of the NFC champions.

A quote from newly crowned league MVP Cam Newton, “We got out played…we got outplayed bro.” His dejected look in the post game press conference was fitting. Frustrated all day, he did manage 265 yards passing , but he had 18 completions in 41 attempts, safe to say that’s not good. He added 45 yards rushing, but again two fumbles with the broncos swatting at the ball all day. It’s like Smokey said in the movie Friday “Peanut butter no jelly, ham no burger” nothing was coming together for the Panthers offense. There would be no “dabbing” for the phenom on this day.

Whats the biggest reason for the league leaders in points per game (30.0) to only score a measly 10 points? Two words…. pass rush. Super Bowl MVP Von Miller seemed to be unblocked on every play racking up six tackles two and a half sacks and two forced fumbles that led to 10 of Denver’s 24 points. His running mate, the wiley veteran Demarcus Ware (6 tackles 2 sacks) seemed to be right there with him in the Panthers backfield party. The old guard who’s already one of the top 11 pass rushers all time (ware134.5 tackles) and the young gun who was viewed as reckless just a few years ago dominated the game. The defense as a whole hit Cam 13 times, sacked him six times and forced him to turn it over three times. Newton hasn’t been hit more than seven times in any game this season. As a matter of fact, in two games vs the Seattle Seahawks (stellar defense) he was hit seven times total. 

Of course we will hear that Manning can retire in peace as a multiple time champion. The rest of the NFL should be weary though. Ware has made no such announcement of hanging it up. Miller is well on his way to joining his buddy as an all time passes rushers. The Denver Broncos have established themselves as a the best defensive team in the NFL. Next season, it might not matter who’s calling signals for them, because the your signal caller will be running for his life all game . The onslaught continues…..

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