NBA Finals Preview- Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Game 2

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Game 1 Review

It was not what we expected from a Game 1 in the Finals with all of the superstars and big names that are highlighted in this series. The Cleveland Cavaliers lost a valuable chance to steal a game on the road against the Golden State Warriors. A night where the two superstars for the Warriors, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson combined for 20 points, the Cavaliers couldn’t take advantage dealing with their own issues of scoring. LeBron James nearly missed a triple double (23 points, 9 assist and 12 rebounds) but wasn’t as aggressive as he was in the first half and Kyrie Irving shot 7-22 also going 11-12 from the free-throw line with 26 points. The Warriors on the other hand relied on their bench carrying them scoring 45 points which Shaun Livingston adding 20 of those points.

Keys To The Game 

Cleveland has to make adjustment on how they will attack the Warriors lineup. The three pointer have to be incorporated in their game plan. In order for that to happen, James and Irving has to attack the basket by driving and James posting up to create the double team from the Warriors. This should free up Kevin Love and Channing Frye for the open look from downtown. Also, have James guard Curry late in the game (if it’s not too late). James did an outstanding job defending Curry and kept him scoreless when guarding him during certain parts of the game. Golden State did a great job defensively holding Cleveland to 89 points forcing tough shots and having active hands. On the offensive end, they need to set their picks quicker with more precise movement. Curry and Thompson had their usual looks but just wasn’t able to capitalize. Draymond Green needs to be the playmaker that he was during the regular season. 


The X-Factor for the Cavaliers is J.R. Smith. Smith played a horrible game offensively and defensively. This is not unusual for Smith to have a bad shooting night. He normally has a few bad shooting nights during a series but when he’s on, his team usually wins and, no matter who is guarding him, he’s hitting everything. 

The X-Factor for the Warriors is Andrew Bogut. Bogut doesn’t have to score and when he does, it’s an added bonus. His main duty is to protect the paint and keep Tristian Thompson from dominating the the boards. This can and will decipher who comes out on top of Game 2.

Prediction: We usually don’t see Curry and Thompson have back-to-back bad shooting games but I do expect for Cleveland’s star players and others giving a better contribution on Sunday night. Cleveland wins 102-100.

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