NBA Finals Game 4 Preview- Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers

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Game 3 Preview 

Just when it seemed like the Cleveland Cavaliers had no life, the Cleveland home crowd provided excitement, confidence and motivation which helped the Cavaliers embarrass the Golden State Warriors 120-90. LeBron James seemed to get his mojo back by scoring 32 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assist as well as Kyrie Irving. Irving scored 30 points and added eight assist. The Warriors came out flat and discombobulated as they had to catch up from the start of the game. Stephen Curry had a quiet evening although he didn’t shoot too bad from the field. Curry scored 19 points (going 6-13 from the field) and Klay Thompson only scored 10 points.  

Keys To The Game 

It’s no secret that the Warriors have to get Curry back at his usual status which is lights out. This is kind of reminiscing of last year when he got going late in Game 4 when down 2-1. The team usually feeds off of him. Instead of running screens, they need to let him go up against Irving straight up. It’s no way Irving can contain Curry and then it will create open shots for his teammates as well as getting him going. Cleveland should stay with the Richard Jefferson lineup. Jefferson is not Kevin Love and can’t produce like he can but it throws the Warriors defense off because of Jefferson ability to move without the ball and his athleticism. Also, J.R. Smith has to keep shooting like it’s Game 7 and he’s John Starks. The more aggressive he is, the better he gets and the more confidence he gains the more he hits. 


The X-Factor for the Warriors is Draymond Green. Green was very quiet in the last game which was vey apparent after the result of the game. Yes, they need his scoring, assist and rebounding but he needs to be “Draymond” not Green. He needs to get in every Cavaliers player’s face, screaming, causing havoc and annoying others. His game will follow and maybe so the Warriors.

The X-Factor for the Cavaliers is Iman Shumpert. Shumpert can be a star without being a star. His ability to defend and pester his opponent is uncanny. Whether Curry or Klay he’s guarding, Shumpert can be a force like he has been but even bigger than that, hit a couple of open three pointers and it just might be just enough to give the Cavaliers the edge.

Prediction: This should be the most competitive game yet. Curry will break out of his slump and get the Warriors going yet the Cavaliers will prevail and win 93-89.

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