Georgia Tech Falls In The Battle Of The Techs

The rise and fall of emotions, the buzz of anticipation in the air and the school spirited war chants that drown out the thoughts of anyone within an ears reach.

The code of silence as surgical passes and acrobatic shots are successful. In college basketball this is war and only one can emerge triumphant.

The sediments of triumph did not settle with the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets amongst a sellout crowd of 8,600. On Saturday, February 17th, the Yellow Jackets faced the Virginia Tech Hokies and it was an astonishing surprise when the time ended in the McCamish Pavilion.

Georgia Tech began the game with a trio of bombs from senior guard Tadric Jackson but the sting of the Yellow Jackets would end midway through the first period. It was apparent that the Hokies were in attack mode with laser passes from Virginia Tech guard Justin Robinson.

The threat was never apparent for Georgia Tech because the Hokies were able to answer for every successful possession that Georgia Tech could create.

The Hokies broke down the defense of the Yellow Jackets. They did so with surgical ball movement and by boasting a shooting of 53% from the field. The Hokies played good defense but the shots were not falling for Georgia Tech when open looks were available.

Georgia Tech ended the game shooting 36% from the field and only shot 16% from long range. “Offensively we couldn’t have done anything different, sometimes shots will fall and on other days they won’t,” stated Josh Okogie.

The productivity level of the Yellow Jackets offense was not present, especially with Georgia Tech guard Okogie finishing with a 14%. “We are asking Josh[Okogie] to be our point guard, be a great scorer and to be productive in terms of offensive rebounds,” stated Georgia Tech head coach Josh Pastner.

The final score ended with Virginia Tech winning 76-56. This loss by the Yellow Jackets was very tough to swallow.

The main concern for the Yellow Jackets was the inability to not contest shots and create stops in their favor. “We have to get stops, we have to take away the three point opportunities and play better as a team,” stated Jackson

The Yellowjackets will travel to play the No. 1 ranked University of Virginia Cavaliers on Wednesday, February 21 7:00 PM eastern standard time.

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