Does Rajon Rondo Have A Case For The Basketball Hall Of Fame?

  • By TBelcher
  • April 26, 2018
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Being a Hall of famer is the highest honor you can receive as an athlete in your respective sport. Yes ,overall it’s a team game, but it takes a certain type of player to take you over the top. These athletes are the ones who achieve the honor of going to the hall of fame. For some, it’s a no-brainer. Others may take some time to think about.

Rajon Rondo is an interesting case. While not known to the casual hoops fan that may tune in every once in a while, true hoop heads know the value that Rondo brings to a team.

The veteran point guard is not going to light up the scoreboard. His impact is making sure the offense is running smooth and setting the tone defensively. Most importantly, he is a gamer. Rondo’s mentality is championship or bust.

Now, you may say “what about Dallas and the run-in with Rick Carlisle?” Or you may point to his short stint in Sacramento. True, there are stops you can’t overlook. However, overall he has improved every team he’s been on.

Looking at his resume, the Hall of Fame is definitely worth considering. His numbers won’t wow you but his impact is undeniable. 10.5 points per game, 4.8 rebounds per game, and 8.5 assists per game. Again, Rondo is a gamer, raising his play in the postseason averaging 14.3 points per game, 6 rebounds per game, and 9.2 assists per game for his career.

Rondo is a difference maker. Ask Chicago who saw their chances of knocking out the Celtics in the 2016-17 playoffs go down the drain. Rondo was a defensive catalyst in those two games, locking down Isaiah Thomas who was a top five finalist in the MVP race that year.

Or you can look back at his time as a Celtic. Where he won an NBA title. No other point guard could run that team. What was just supposed to be a big three with Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen became a big four when Rondo made his name.

Finally, just to remind you of the type of player he is, look at his impact on the Pelicans this postseason. Of course, there were reports that he clashed with teammates, but who doesn’t when you’re on a quest to be great?

Right now Rondo’s individual career reads NBA Champion, 4x all-star, 3rd team all NBA 2011-12, 4x all-defensive team, 2nd team all-rookie 2006-07.

In the career ranks, Rondo is 23rd all time and 4th active player in the NBA with 6,608 assists. His 1,354 steals make him 64th all time and 9th among active players. Rondo is top 10 all time in assists per game at 8.5.

While Rondo might not be the greatest shooter, he is a crafty playmaker and does a great job of getting to the basket. His ability to make tough shots and get to the rack with his court vision makes him a threat. Rondo is one of the greatest point guards at controlling the game with his court vision.

Whether you agree or not, Rajon Rondo has a case to make the Hall of Fame. He is an impact player, a champion and a leader. Alle the qualities you look into an athlete when making a case for their respective Hall of Fames.


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