Cleveland, You Have A Problem!

On July 1, 2018, the lights went out in Cleveland, Ohio. That’s when one LeBron James announced he was leaving the Cavaliers for sunny California to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. It caused a stir for sure but on the level of his first decision to leave Cleveland for South Beach. Regardless, the effect will be the same.

There wasn’t the same anger from fans because LeBron (and Kyrie Irving) delivered a long awaited championship to ‘The Land’. There was no burning of his jersey (at least not publicly) or an irate letter from owner, Dan Gilbert. In fact, fans seemed oddly prepared for this defection. The owner learned from his previous mistake and wrote a classy, respectful letter thanking LeBron for his contributions to Cleveland on and off the court.

Now The aftermath of his departure is seismic. What the Cavaliers are left with is a lone All Star in Kevin Love, a grossly overpaid Tristan Thompson, an aging George Hill, a one dimensional Kyle Korver, a young Jordan Clarkson and a promising rookie in Collin Sexton. Without the orchestrator, this team is back in the lottery. They will be unwatchable. This is not an overstatement, either. We’ve seen this movie before. Goodnight, Cleveland!

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