Cleveland Browns: Get Myles Garrett At All Costs

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The Cleveland Browns are in the midst of the biggest off-season possibly in the franchise’s history. The Browns hold not one but two first round picks, No. 1 overall and also the No. 12 respectively. There’s has been a lot of chatter on who they should choose with that top pick. Names have been floating around like defensive lineman Jonathon Allen from the Alabama Crimson Tide, quarterback DeShaun Watson from the Clemson Tigers and many others. The name that seems to be at the top of all the people’s draft board is defensive lineman Myles Garrett from Texas A&M. He’s been touted as the clear cut best player available and most are saying it’s not even close…

In any NFL draft, there are always teams that say they want to take the best player available and the top talents should go at the top of the draft without reaching for a position. By that rationale, Garrett should be the No. 1-overall pick for the 2017 NFL Draft because he is the best player available. He was atop my big board all season, but infinitely more important than my opinion is that NFL teams have had Garrett as the top NFL prospect throughout the 2016 season and into the new year. Garrett is a freak athlete who plays one of the most important positions in the NFL.  –

NFL COMPARISON: DeMarcus Ware, Denver Broncos: Garrett is longer with more growth potential, but he and Ware are both outstanding athletes off the edge who have the savvy and natural gifts to be remembered as NFL greats. –

You see where I’m going with this right? When it comes to the Browns and their history of drafting at the No. 1 spot, it hasn’t been this clear cut in a long time. They face the same pressure that they’ve always had in past drafts needing a wide range of help for a constant changing football team. The main need however is defense, defense, and more defense. This past year they ranked 31st overall, and historically has ranked in the bottom half for defense for the most part.

Normally, this would be a no-brainer for most parties involved but a video surfaced that of course added some seasoning to the otherwise bland conversation of who should be the top pick for the Browns. Garrett filmed a video back in December and had a strong message for a specific team.

Now to a normal fan base, you would be instantly turned off to this kid and would think to yourself… if he doesn’t want to be here then why should I care? Well you shouldn’t care but not in the reasons you should think. Garrett is from Austin, Texas, his favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. Why wouldn’t a young man that is going to be playing in the league of his dreams not want to go to his favorite team? Secondly, ask yourself who wants to go to a team that is literally the laughing stock of the entire sports world? Last but not least, lets be honest, it’s cold in Cleveland! It’s not the best place in the world for nightlife. Those are all the things a young guy in his early twenties are attracted to.

Now getting back to Cleveland, if I’m you, I draft him! There’s no reason in the world that you don’t draft this man. He has since came out and made a video retracting his statements which is no big deal. Think about it, you have his rights, you have the power. Would he sit out for an entire year to be redrafted? No. Would he get on the team and play uninspired for four years, then convince a team he’s really good and didn’t want to play there? No. What it boils down to is, the way the NFL is set up, players really don’t have a choice until they become free agents. Teams, no matter who they are (even the Brown), have power and they may have to flex it in this situation. Honestly, I don’t feel Garrett is going to be a problem and I think that he will deliver for this organization.

Browns’ fans, its time to stop hanging your head so low. It’s time to stop kicking yourselves and thinking that you’re not worth a great football team. You have to be realistic and understand that getting the best player will change the franchise and will set you in the right direction. You can’t run, just because a kid and makes a video. If his agent would’ve come out and said that then that’s when you panic. Cleveland, go out and get your man! Get Garrett at all costs!

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