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Kevin Durant (KD) shocks the world! Ok maybe that was cheesy but he did. On Independence day, as we prepared the food for the BBQ we learned that KD will be joining the Golden State Warriors. Yes, the defending Western Conference Champions, runner up in the Finals, the team with the two-time MVP (Stephen Curry) and greatest shooting backcourt ever (not arguably anymore). The team that just finished whopping your…”wait hold on a minute, come again.”

Yes he has sold his soul, turned heel or insert any cliché having to do with turning your back on someone or something and it fits. That would be for the people taking that stance. I for one am not taking that stance. Here’s how I see it. Kevin Durant, a “top 3”  player and former MVP was a free agent after the season was over. So if his intent was to leave the Thunder, why wouldn’t he join a team with better talent?

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Kevin Durant, a “top 3” player and former MVP had to take a back seat to somebody on his own team. Where are the cries now for Russell Westbrook to pass KD the ball. Just one month ago the audience couldn’t stand watching Westbrook (the lunatic fringe) hoist up shot after shot leaving Durant frustrated. Has anybody taking into account he just doesn’t want to play with the guy? Staying on the topic for a second, Durant would be crazy not to consider Westbrook leaving Oklahoma City Thunder the minute he becomes a free agent. The same city that produces no interest from big time free agents. Can you name the biggest free agent signing in Oklahoma since the Seattle Supersonics moved there?

The world can get mad. Charles Barkley can say “He’s cheating to get a ring” and Reggie Miller can say “He traded a sacred legacy for cheap jewelry” (I laughed from deep within when I heard that one). Those guys would kill for the ability to go back and win a championship. They would hijack the DeLorean and kidnapp Marty Mcfly for good measure. When we talk about you [Reggie] Miller or you [Chuck] Barkley, we go through point after point then somebody yells out,“But he ain’t win no ring though!” and we’ve got nothing to say back .

Kevin Durant, a “top 3” player and former MVP made the best move he could’ve. He left a situation he was tired of and joined a better one. He wants to be known as Kevin Durant former NBA champion, something I can’t say about Mr. Barkley and Mr. Miller. Doesn’t sound like there’s anything cheap about that jewelry to me.

Raphael Haynes

Atlanta, GA

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