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I’m preparing my questions in the comfort of my home and I ask him can he hear me ok. “Yes, can you hear me,” he responds. “It’s a freaking blizzard out here.” Brandon Hutchison is driving back to Houghton, Michigan in the snow in April from Big Rapids, Michigan. He was down there for the weekend cheering on his girlfriend while she ran in a track meet.

Hutchison is a 2016 NFL Draft prospect out of Michigan Tech University. He played defensive tackle for his alma mater but will convert to linebacker for the NFL. He’s originally from Detroit, Michigan. Hutchinson started playing football in the seventh grade for a city league although that wasn’t his preferred sport. “I grew up wanting to play basketball and my mother said no,” Hutchison said.” She told him no because of traveling and thought his grades would slip. “My dad said if you won’t let him play AAU then let him at least play football.” After Hutchison’s father convinced his mother to let him play, he still tried out for basketball his freshman year, but he got cut. “Then I hit the weights and loved weight lifting and then realized that I can have a future with this contact sport,” Hutchison remembers.

Hutchison prides himself on being able to adapt to any environment or anyway a team needs him to do so. “I played defensive end throughout my high school years and first two years of college and then I switched to defensive tackle,” explains Hutchison. He excelled his last year at defensive tackle highlighted by 9.5 tackles for loss. His combination of quickness and strength was often too much for his opponents. Hutchison would be too small to play defensive tackle listed at 6-2 265 pounds. He shed his weight down to 246 pounds to possibly play linebacker. At the Minnesota Regional Combine NFL Combine, he wowed the scouts and spectators by running a 4.60 in the 40 and finishing in the top five of all the inside linebackers in the 20 yard shuttle (4.17), 3 cone drill (7.21), broad jump (9.8″), vertical jump (36″) and bench (28 reps).

Hutchison’s passion for the game is definitely as high as one can get yet he’s focused on getting a higher learning of education. He’s currently working on getting his masters which he prides himself on knowing there’s more to just football. “One person I try to mold my view of life after is Ray Lewis. Just the way he attacks life and the way he played the game, he’s someone I look up to,” Hutchison explains. It was evident that life means much more than just football to him earlier this month. “I was actually signed up for the Globe Bowl but I missed it because my grandfather had heart surgery and I wanted to be in [Big Rapids, Michigan] with him for that.” The Globe Bowl is the final All-Star game of the season where scouts from the Canadian Football League (CFL), European League and Arena Football League are there to possibly give some players contracts.

The multi-talented draft prospect is gearing up for this 2016 NFL Draft. He has a pretty good shot of getting drafted in the 6th or 7th round. “Yeah, it’s incredible man, its a huge blessing but at the same time I can’t get too excited because the draft is a couple of weeks away,” Hutchison stated. “I try to take it day by day but it gets overwhelming, especially when family and friends are asking [when] and where are you going.” Besides school, Hutchison keeps himself busy by training 6 days a week by doing multiple drills and lifting plus watching film.

With him possibly moving to linebacker, he will be more of a rushing linebacker since he possesses the speed, quickness and strength. “I look at a Robert Mathis or Elvis Dumervil. You know guys that are my size and undersized,” says Hutchison. “They can rush the passer, drop back in coverage and they cover backs and do it very well.”

Hutchison knows that it’s not just confidence alone that will get him drafted and where he wants to be. He understands that hard work, dedication and determination will all factor in. The key is staying consistent as he has and never looking back but always moving forward.

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