America’s Past Life

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Sports in America is a big deal. Right now many people are excited about the start of NFL training camps. Many others are set to watch hard and root for their countries during the 2016 Olympic games. Golf tournaments, tennis tournaments, heck even the NBA Summer League got a lot of eyeballs to  tune in. Hmmm, all that are left is an even smaller set of people that will read this and say “What about baseball? “.

If the “Ghost of July’s past” came to visit you in your sleep, what would it show you? Well let’s start with great and terrible renditions of our National Anthem. Then the call of the umpire shouting “Play ball!!!”.  It would show you first inning rallies with five consecutive hits finished off with a bases clearing triple. It would remind you of mammoth home runs that you used to break your neck looking at as it flew into the upper deck. The ghost would show you 6-4-3 double plays, players climbing the outfield wall to rob homers, and 1st basemen laying all the way out to rob a double up the line. Just when u think it’s finished, you’re reminded of little skinny kids that can hurl a fastball 100 mph, dominant 20 strikeouts performances, no hitters, and perfect games. Then the ghost would disappear and the role of the ghost of baseball future will now be played by two question marks.

What will be MLB’s future? The salaries certainly makes it seem like the sport is doing great. New stadiums are definitely getting thrown up left and right and fans are filling them. So why does it seem like no one cares? I can’t seem to put a finger on it. I can see Dennis Farina now hosting an episode of “Unsolved Mysteries” titled “Baseball, where has it gone and when is it coming back?”. Maybe that’s overboard but what are you watching on this late July night? If you say MLB, the fact that it shocks me is where we are at. America’s pastime(?)….. In another life perhaps.

Raphael Haynes

Atlanta, GA

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