Thaddeus Moss Is Ready To Establish His Own Identity In The NFL


It’s not easy having the last name Moss when your dad’s first name is Randy. For Thaddeus Moss, he is proud of his background but tired of being compared to his Hall of Fame father. As he prepares to compete for a roster spot with the Washington Redskins, Moss is ready to establish his own identity in the NFL.

It will be up to Moss to forge his own path but nonetheless, expectations will be unfairly high for the former LSU tight end. His last name played a huge part in why many were surprised a team didn’t take him in the NFL Draft. However, the Redskins were quick to sign him as an undrafted free agent immediately after the final round of the draft.

“Thaddeus was a productive guy this year,” said Redskins Vice President of Personnel Kyle Smith. “He has really nice hands and ball skills, he’s a tough kid that competes in the run game so those qualities when you’re signing priority free agents, you need to have two qualities that really stand out and those are it and that’s what we base stuff off of and we’re excited. Playing at LSU, big time football, big time season. It was really no brainer to sign him as a UDFA.”

Although Moss sat out the 2017 season at LSU after transferring from North Carolina State University and was sidelined in 2018 with a leg injury, he is still considered one of the most productive tight ends in the school’s history. He finished the 2019 season with 47 receptions for 570 yards and four touchdowns. He also holds the LSU single-season record for receptions and receiving yards by a tight end.

“It was definitely a slap in the face [not being drafted]. I put a lot of work in. Years of football, we went undefeated, I won a National Championship. I played my best ball in our biggest game,” Moss said. “I’ve always had to prove myself my whole life. Having the last name that I have, I’ve always had to prove everybody wrong, or just prove myself right my whole life and this is no different.”

Regardless of the comparisons that will inevitably come because his father had such a successful career, Moss’ main objective is to be the best football player and teammate he can be. Everything else will fall into place.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work for everything,” Moss explained. “Whatever my NFL career is, whether that be one year, two, three, four, five to ten, you’re going to have to respect it, because I worked for everything. I wasn’t given anything.”

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