NFL Power Rankings Week Two – The Production Of A Price Tag

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One week in the NFL books and we get our first look at how teams react to wins and losses (sort of). Big time performances from the unlikeliest of heroes and primetime failures from the best of the best had us on the edge of our seats. Week two should provide even more jaw dropping theatrics and we should be ready for some more crazy upsets.


1.  Philadelphia Eagles (last week #1)
They won only allowing 12 points in their opener but you can see they need Carson Wentz to come back soon.

2. Minnesota Vikings (last week #2)
The Vikings might be the most complete team in football. They have playmakers on both sides of the ball at every level.

3. Los Angeles Rams (last week #3)
The Rams continue their 2017 trend of scoring 30 points and the defense has the whole field covered.


4.  Jacksonville Jaguars (last week #4)
The league’s most dominant defense is still wreaking havoc against its opponents. Their inept offense continues to be a concern.

5. New England Patriots (last week #5)
Their offense is a loaded backfield, the monstrous Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady at the helm. That’s a mismatch for any team.

6. Green Bay Packers (last week #9)
Their defense will have a bunch of missed tackles if game one was any indication. On the offensive side Aaron Rodgers was recently spotted walking across Lake Mendota.

7. Kansas City Chiefs (last week #10)
Patrick Mahomes has the arm to find Tyreek Hill deep every time he’s open. That is a very scary thought for opponents.

8. New Orleans Saints (last week #6)
The defense looks very suspect but when you have Drew Brees throwing for over 400 yards you will win most of your games.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers (last week #7)
The offense had too many turnovers in a game they probably should’ve won.

10. Carolina Panthers (last week #14)
The Panthers defense is stifling  trams won’t gain many yards against them. Somebody needs to step up in the receiving game.

11. Atlanta Falcons (last week #8)
Good defense accompanied by inept offense. Julio Jones cant be stopped, unless its in the end zone.

12. Baltimore Ravens (last week #18)
Baltimore did everything they needed over the weekend. They showed their defensive muscle, scored with a balanced offense and even got playing time for their rookie play caller Lamar Jackson.

13. Los Angeles Chargers (last week #12)
The offense had a quarterback throw for 400 yards and two different guys catch for over 100 yards. They still lost by ten, so where’s the defense?

14. Chicago Bears (last week #16)
The Bears’ defense is worth every penny spent despite giving up 24 points in a half. The offense scored one touchdown and really couldn’t move it through the air.

15. Houston Texans (last week #11)
The Texans’ defense gave up a few big plays but they were solid overall. The offense will need to clean up a few things in the passing game.

16. San Francisco 49ers (last week #13)
The 49ers played pretty balanced on offense and displayed good defense. They will need to cut down on the turnovers, it lost them a game they could’ve won.

17. Denver Broncos (last week #24)
Even with the turnovers, Case Keenum looked better than anything Denver rolled out at quarterback last year. Von Miller and the defense look as scary as ever.

18. New York Giants (last week #17)  The Giants’ defense looked pretty good and the offense did as well. They will need to be better in the red zone with upgrades on offense.

19. Cleveland Browns (last week #19)
The Browns forced six turnovers and played balanced on offense. They still couldn’t get a win though.

20. Seattle Seahawks (last week #20)
Russell Wilson finally has a few guys to throw the ball to. Seattle hasn’t solved its problems on the ground yet.

21. Cincinnati Bengals (last week #23)
The Bengals played an efficient offensive game and their defense did just enough to win.

22. Tennessee Titans (last week #15)
Marcus Mariota should have been taking a step forward but it looked like he’s up to his same old tricks.

23. New York Jets (last week #28)
The Jets’ defense forced five interceptions, their special teams scored a touchdown and the offense had balance behind rookie quarterback Sam Darnold.

24. Washington Redskins (last week #25)
The Redskins veteran connection of Adrian Peterson and Alex Smith showed they have something to prove.

25. Dallas Cowboys (last week #21)
The Cowboys have lost all of their playmakers in the passing game. Teams will start to load the box heavily versus Ezekiel Elliot.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (last week #30)
Ryan Fitzpatrick looked more than suitable as the starting quarterback throwing for 400 yards and four touchdowns. The defense does not look like it will be able to stop most teams.

27. Miami Dolphins (last week #31)
The Dolphins scored a couple of touchdowns on offense instead of all field goals this time. The defense only surrendered one offensive touchdown while forcing three turnovers.

28. Detroit Lions (last week #22)
Detroit’s offense mustered up only 39 yards in the ground and Mathew Stafford three four interceptions. Add that to a defense that couldn’t stop the run and you have the ultimate losing formula.

29. Arizona Cardinals (last week #26)
Arizona could only muster up 213 yards of total offense and no touchdowns. It will be a long season for them.

30. Indianapolis Colts (last week #27)
Andrew Luck will have his work cut out for him this season, there’s not much help for him on the Colts.

31. Oakland Raiders (last week #29)
Who exactly scares you on the Raiders?

32. Buffalo Bills (last week #32)
Buffalo gave up six touchdowns and couldn’t score more than three points. No offense and no defense equals no wins in sight.

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