NFL Power Rankings Week Four- A Looming Struggle

Ab Stanley

The NFL has been very interesting throughout the first three weeks. The late Dennis Green (R.I.P.) comes to mind as we watch because it looks like certain teams are who they say they are. The league has shown it’s almost abandoned the running game, as passing attempts are padding stats for some unlikely characters on both sides of the ball.


1.  Los Angeles Rams 3-0 (last week #1)

The Rams are ranked third in overall defense and first in scoring. They are suffering some major injuries on defense including defensive backs Aqib Talib who has been put on IR and Marcus Peters.


2.  Kansas City Chiefs 3-0 (last week #3)

The Chiefs have scored 15 offensive touchdowns and given up 11 on defense. They will simply overwhelm you with their offense but they really need a guy like Eric berry back.


3.  Jacksonville Jaguars 2-1 (last week #2)

The Jags are the “Anti-Chiefs,” giving up only three touchdowns on defense and scoring only five on offense. Leonard Fournette can’t come back quick enough.


4.  Philadelphia Eagles 2-1 (last week #5)

The Eagles have built a great defensive front, allowing only 61.6 rushing yards per game. The offense does just enough but they’ve only outscored their opponents by four points on the season.


5.  New Orleans Saints 2-1 (last week #9)

Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara have 68 combined catches. Drew Brees is completing an astounding 80.6% of his passes. Its all offense down in the bayou.


6.  Miami Dolphins 3-0 (last week #15)

Getting Ryan Tannehill back was a big upgrade over Jay Cutler’s 2017 shenanigans. He’s thrown seven touchdowns against only two interceptions and his team believes they can still win games when they are down. The defense isn’t too shabby either, ranked second in turnovers.


7.  Baltimore Ravens 2-1 (last week #17)

The “Menacing” Ravens’ defense has only allowed 13 third-down conversions and is giving up only 169.3 passing yards per game. The offense has scored every time they enter the red zone.


8.  Cincinnati Bengals 2-1 (last week #12)

The Bengals average 29.6 points per game but they need to keep the turnovers down. Andy Dalton has eight touchdown passes and five interceptions.


9.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-1 (last week #8)

Tampa Bay’s offense racks up huge yardage, averaging 473.3 yards per game and four touchdowns. The defense is a different story allowing the most yards in the NFL with 433.3.


10.  Chicago Bears 2-1 (last week #18)

The Bears’ defense has forced eight turnovers and has not allowed a rushing touchdown on the season. The offense needs a bit more work, they’ve only scored four touchdowns.


11.  Carolina Panthers 2-1 (last week #14)

We should stop denying Cam Newton the “Superman” title and when he makes his famous motion like he’s revealing the big “S” on his chest we should believe he’s about to do something. The Panthers have nine offensive touchdowns and Newton has been in on eight of them.


12.  Pittsburgh Steelers 1-1-1 (last week #13)

The Steelers continue to score and move the ball on offense with relative ease but they have been penalized for 361 yards (yikes). This is the first time they held an opponent under 100 yards rushing on the season but they still allowed over 400 yards passing.


13.  Denver Broncos 2-1 (last week #10)

Can John Elway ever find a quarterback to replace Peyton Manning? Case Keenum has thrown three touchdowns and five interceptions but has actually engineered two game winning drives.


14.  Washington Redskins 2-1 (last week #21)

The Redskins are the league’s second ranked defense in both yards and points. Adrian Peterson is top five in rushing with 236 yards on the ground. I’m sure you all predicted that when the season started.


15.  Tennessee Titans 2-1 (last week #22)

The Titans have an apt name for a defense that has only allowed four touchdowns and yielding 16.6 points per game to opponents.


16.  Minnesota Vikings 1-1-1 (last week #4)

Minnesota has been weak running the football with zero rushing touchdowns and averaging 3.5 yards per carry. Kirk Cousins has thrown seven touchdowns but has three fumbles and two interceptions.


17.  Cleveland Browns 1-1-1 (last week #25)

The Browns are at the top of the league forcing 11 turnovers. Baker Mayfield steps in to turn around a struggling offense ranked 27th in passing yards.


18.  Atlanta Falcons 1-2 (last week #7)

The Falcons lose a defensive player every week and every week they give up more points as a result. The offense averages 26.6 points per game and Matt Ryan has thrown only two interceptions.


19.  Green Bay Packers 1-1-1 (last week #11)

The Packers can’t run the football and they can’t stop the run with any major success. They’re also not that great against the pass but hey, why pile on?


20.  New England Patriots 1-2 (last week #6)

The Patriots have a real problem against the run, they haven’t kept an opponent under 100 yards rushing this season. At least they’ve only allowed one rushing touchdown but they haven’t scored on the ground themselves.


21.  Los Angeles Chargers 1-2 (last week #19)

The Chargers defense can’t stop anyone from scoring, they allow 31 points per game. Phillip Rivers is averaging 302 pass yards per game with eight touchdowns and one interception, so the offense is doing its part.


22.  Dallas Cowboys 1-2 (last week #16)

Dallas has one of the worst offenses in football despite having a pretty good line and running back. Is Dak Prescott still looking for a number one receiver or are the Cowboys still looking for a number one quarterback?


23.  New York Jets 1-2 (last week #23)

The Jets defense is great, ranked eighth in yards given up and tenth in points allowed. The offense is a work in progress.


24.  Indianapolis Colts 1-2 (last week #24)

Andrew Luck needs a new offensive line and some better skill position players. The defense is playing solid overall.


25.  San Francisco 49ers 1-2 (last week #20)

San Francisco has gotten the worst news any team can get with Jimmy Garoppolo’s torn ACL. They’ve been running the ball pretty well with Matt Breida and company, though.


26.  Seattle Seahawks 1-2 (last week #27)

Russell Wilson has seven passing touchdowns but he’s not running like his usual self. The defense gives up a good chunk on the ground as well.


27.  New York Giants 1-2 (last week #28)

Could the Giants offensive line problems been Ereck Flowers the whole time? This weekend was the first time they didn’t turn the ball over in a game.


28.  Detroit Lions 1-2 (last week #30)

The Lions accumulate a great amount of yards during the game but only average two touchdowns per game as a team. They have no rushing touchdowns this season.


29.  Buffalo Bills 1-2 (last week #32)

Buffalo forced three turnovers over the weekend and didn’t turn it over themselves. It was an impressive win: they held Minnesota to only 14 yards rushing.


30.  Houston Texans 0-3 (last week #26)

The Texans seems to play from behind too much and catch up just in time to lose.


31.  Oakland Raiders 0-3 (last week #29)

Derek Carr has two touchdowns and five interceptions. Marshawn Lynch averages 3.5 yards per carry. Jon Gruden needs two aspirin.


32.  Arizona Cardinals 0-3 (last week #31)

The Cardinals have the worst offense in the league, averaging 6.6 points per game. The team has moved on to rookie quarterback Josh Rosen. Unfortunately he doesn’t come equipped with a new offensive line.

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