NBA Top 10 Point Guards Heading Into 2017

Here is our top 10 point guard list heading into the 2017 season. Let’s see how our list stacks up against their actual stats during the season.



1) Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)

Best shooter on the planet but he’s not just a shooter anymore. All around game is getting better.



2) Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder) 

Stat sheet stuffer and now Mr. Triple Double. He plays with such ferocity.



3) John Wall (Washington Wizards) 

Fastest man with the ball in the league. Jump shot getting better, can do everything else very well. Also a good defender.



4) Chris Paul (Houston Rockets)

Natural leader on the floor. An elite passer and scrappy defender.



5) Damian Lillard  (Portland Trailblazers)

An unstoppable offensive force and clutch performer.



6) Isaiah Thomas (Boston Celtics)

Showed he belonged with the best at his position. He carried the Celtics all season.



7) Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers)

One of the top finishers in the league.  His offensive arsenal is off the charts.



8) Mike Conley (Memphis Grizzlies)

Steady and heady, no flash but a whole lot of substance.



9) Eric Bledsoe (Phoenix Suns)

Elite defender. Offense is evolving. Attacks the basket relentlessly.



10) Kemba Walker (Charlotte Hornets)

A born leader who thrives on pressure. Offense has gotten better each season.

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