Baseball’s Sign Stealing Scandal: Now What?

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Major League Baseball finds themselves embroiled in controversy again. Following the release of his book “Juiced” in 2005, former outfielder Jose Canseco named several former players as steroid users. Since then, it’s been estimated that nearly half of baseball may used steroids between 1991 and 2003, when they started testing for banned substances. As a result, baseball launched an investigation.

Now baseball finds themselves in a similar situation, except over using electronics to steal signs. After two investigations, it was determined that the 2017 Houston Astros and 2018 Boston Red Sox had done this.

Ultimately, this lead to the firings of their respective managers. Houston would also receive additional punishments, including loss of draft picks and a $5 million fine. Baseball hoped that would close the door on this matter.

However, Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Logan Morrison has alleged that other teams do it as well, in a since-deleted Instagram post. “I know from first hand accounts that the Yankees, Dodgers, Astros and Red Sox all have used film to pick signs,” wrote Morrison. “Just want you guys to know the truth. I personally think it’s a tool in a tool belt to pick signs, but if we are going to be punishing people for it, don’t half ass it.”

Baseball now may not have a choice. They’ll have to launch some sort of investigation to save face. With a claim made by Morrison, who was in New York’s minor league system in the 2019 season, if may not be farfetched that this is a bigger situation than what’s being reported.

Baseball can’t afford another steroid era type situation. If there’s multiple teams out there still doing this, they’ll have to crackdown on it. Baseball viewership is already in a tailspin, as seen with last three World Series having the lowest amount of viewers in baseball history.

Losing more fans over not doing something about this will hurt the game and any sponsors they have.

Simply put, baseball needs to take this action, punish those who are breaking the rules and implement changes to what’s allowed. They already have taken some steps, specifically in the playoffs but now regular season action is going to need to be considered. Heads need to roll and ultimately, something needs to be done.

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