The Atlanta Falcons Forefeit Their 2025 Fifth-Round Pick And Fined $250,000 For Voilating Anti-Tampering Policy

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Atlanta, Ga – On Thursday morning, the NFL ruled that the Atlanta Falcons violated the anti-tampering policy after having improper contact with unrestricted free agents Kirk Cousin, Darnell Mooney and Charlie Woerner during the two-day negotiating period.

The Falcons will have to forfeit their 2025 fifth-round pick and be fined $250,000 for the violations. General manager Terry Fontenot will also be fined $50,000 for his involvement in this matter.

After being docked a fifth-round pick, the Falcons will only have five picks in the 2025 NFL Draft.

The NFL released a statement on the ruling.

“While the policy permits clubs to engage with and negotiate all aspects of an NFL player contract with the certified agent of any prospective unrestricted free agent during the two-day negotiating period, and direct contact between the player and an employee or representative of the club is prohibited,” stated the NFL. “This includes discussion of travel arrangements or other logistical matters, which the club acknowledges took place with regard to these three players.”

In a released statement, the Falcons organization stated that they are content with the ruling of the NFL.

“We are pleased this review is complete. We cooperated fully with the league and its review, and appreciate the NFL’s thoroughness,” the Falcons organization explained.” As we do with every process, we will review how we operate and look for ways to improve.”


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