The New Era Of Basketball: BIG3 Is Here To Stay

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Is the BIG3 for real? How can a new basketball league of retired players survive and thrive in this day and age? How can you grow this league into something more lucrative and legitimate? Well, allow me to expound on this matter from a behind the scenes purview.

From many standpoints, the BIG3 has happened upon a time in society that will absolutely contribute to its ability to thrive. From a marketing position, this society has been groomed for many years into having many choices and varieties when it comes to almost every thing in life.

For example, an actor can now be considered an entertainer in which he can also release a musical endeavor and be considered a legitimate artist and visa versa. Now this has always existed but it has now become standard across the board for everyone in entertainment.

This frame of mind creates a market for new ideas without the constraints of competition that comes with the categorization mindset. So the BIG3’s existence does not compete with the NBA, it exists because of it. Remember, it is a form of basketball, not the same game.

The 3-on-3 game is familiar to anybody that has ever played basketball at the park. It is a level of play that contributes to your rudimentary development of the team concept when it comes to spacing, movement without the ball and other details of the game.

The fact that they have added a four-point shot as well as a 14 second shot clock contributes to its legitimacy and contemporary flavor as a product. The barn storming style type schedule allows the league to develop a diverse fan base without the confinement of geographical representation during a time that the NBA has taken a break before its impending season.

Pair all that with the fact that you are now extending the career of established players and you now have an existing name and brand that will contribute to the leagues popularity and success.

The star power that is involved from an ownership level has contributed to being able to lock down an exclusive television-broadcasting contract that will provide a venue to create a global market that will rival any other sporting event.

This amalgamation of entertainment and sports has spawned an absolutely electric atmosphere that can be felt throughout the entire arena. This will attract the sponsorship that could lead to more lucrative deals and the ability to land higher profile athletes out of recent retirement.

The acquisition of NBA legends as coaches opens the league to a wider scope of fans from different age ranges. The league’s unique style of play has a certain appeal with its physicality and more skilled-based action that brings a chess like approach to the game seen through the eyes of veteran players.

In the day and age of social media, the willingness to be accessible to everyone has become an advertisement vehicle to the masses.

This may have a cost cutting effect but also lends itself to a more grass roots atmosphere that seems to bring out people from all corners of the local municipality. This will and have brought out all that has to do with basketball such as city legends that have played or coached.

The potential for growth of the league seems very promising. Is the BIG3 for real? You better believe it! From Los Angeles, at the Staple Center, this is Eric Rodas west coast correspondent of The 3 point Conversion…

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