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Five weeks in the books already, wow that was fast. Remember before the season when you went through your team’s schedule and picked out wins and losses (Raise of hands)? How many of you are seriously re-thinking your predictions?


The Windup’s Race for the top pick
You definitely don’t want to be number one on this list. With every Super Bowl contender comes the fodder that will be picking in the top five in the NFL Draft. Here’s a quick look at the teams on the fast track to the first pick.

5. New York Jets (1-4 )
Ryan Fitzpatrick has found a way to be historically good one season then historically bad the next. Throwing ten interceptions (a few in the red zone) and only five touchdowns has put the Jets defense in a lot of bad situations and he hasn’t moved the offense much. Speaking of the Jets defense, they are stout upfront only giving him up 342 yards (and one touchdown) on the ground in five games. The secondary however, has fallen on hard times giving up 12 passing tochdowns and only collecting one interception.

4. Carolina Panthers (1-4)
The defending NFL champs look like a pseudo version of themselves from last season. Sure the usual suspects are still there like
“Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis and of course Cam Newton. But they haven’t had the effort. Newton has been running for his life behind an offensive line searching for answers. The secondary minus Josh Norman is out rid giving up big chunks of yards at every turn. Teams are setting historic marks in passing against them. 

3. Chicago Bears (1-4)
Da Bears!!! Rants from the classic (Bill Swerski) Saturday Night Live skit from the 80’s when the Bears was “Da Bears” are classic. They’ve somehow morphed into the “Bad News Bears” and not the Walter Matthau version either. The team they expected to be hasn’t materialized. Now playing with back up quarterback Brian Hoyer, the team has little chance of climbing out of the hole they find themselves in. It’s a hard to put a finger on it too. The team is ranked 6th in passing yards, but way down at 30th in points per game. Maybe they miss running back Matt Forte more than they thought they would.

2. Miami Dolphins (1-4)
The Dolphins come into another season looking good on paper. As Kenny Mayne (ESPN) used to say “Games aren’t played on paper, they’re played inside T.V. sets”. Yeah, watching on the old tube (or flat screen), they don’t seem to show up at all. Hmm where can we start? Let’s see, Miami has 32 penalties on the season. They sport a rushing attack that is 31st in the league and a passing attack thats in the mid 20s. The offensive line is mismatched and oft-injured. The defense couldn’t stop me and the rest of the writers on this site from scoring if they needed to. The secondary is so bad that they’ve picked up Bene Benwikery off waivers. Don’t know who that is? It’s the corner back jettisoned from Carolina (I just told you about their secondary) for giving up 300 yards (some of it anyway ) to Julio Jones. What a pick up for a team who’s only win came against the number one team on this list. (3 second hint over in 2…1).

1. Cleveland Browns (0-5)
Ah yes the Browns, you can always rely on them to play the victim week in and week out. They’re the type of team that wins a coin toss in overtime and elects to kick the ball off. A team riddled with injuries (we’ve already forsaken Robert Griffin III) and the absence of their biggest weapon Josh Gordon, the Browns go into week six, the perfect blend of non production and no resistance. Ranked 29th in offense and 30th in defense, you can point to a lot of factors. The truth is, the Browns (like a few teams mentioned) give their loyal fans nothing to cheer for almost perennially. Well think of it like this Cleveland, you have the inside track to the first overall pick and we all know that has helped your city out greatly in other sports so there’s that.

Dishonorable Mentions: New Orleans Saints (1-3), Jacksonville Jaguars (1-3), San Francisco 49ers (1-4). These teams equally stink up the joint, for whatever reason I have them later in the top ten picks of then draft so you know, stay tuned.

Buy or Sell
I’m Buying
1. Ezekiel Elliot as the leagues leading rusher, he will continue to get big holes and break tackles. The one stat everyone forgets is yards after contact.
2. The Browns winning their first game, it has to happen sometime.
I’m Selling
1. The Los Angeles Rams, despite them winning three games already, they don’t look that great.
2. Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano, him being on the hot seat is an understatement. I really don’t see where he makes an impact for his team. 

Predictions sure to come back and haunt me

The Atlanta Falcons play the Seattle Seahawks in what should be the game of the week. Richard Sherman will be shadowing Julio Jones according to reports (ohhh) which he’s actually doing more of this season. They still might wanna shade a safety to his side. I’ll take the Falcons to keep their winning streak alive let’s say 27-17.

The San Francisco 49ers will start Colin Kaepernick for the first time this season. Not a week to soon either. Blaine Gabbert has been terrible and most likely the reason they have started 1-4. Too bad their playing a red hot Buffalo Bills team. I got them staying alive (extending their win streak). Buffalo over San Francisco 21-13.

Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliot and the Dallas Cowboys go into Lambeau Field to take on a Green Bay Packers team who’s finding their former selves in recent weeks. I enjoy watching the rookie connection from Dallas, however I don’t know if they can march into Green Bay and march out with a win. I got the Pack taking it 30-27 in a what should be a back and forth showdown.
See you next week !!



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