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Every Wednesday night on The 3Point Conversion Station Sherm holds his weekly power titled “Face The Music”. Face the Music intersects the worlds of sports, music, and current events…

More about the host…

Hailing out of Milwaukee, WI… Sherm Turner b.k.a. ‘Sherm Beats’ is not only an aspiring music producer but also is the executive producer of every show that airs on The 3 Point Conversion Station. Having seen his production reach as far as MTV, the versatile beat maker understands the power of music and how it both unifies and heals us as people.

Sherm promotes positive thinking in addition to expanding our networks at all times–here to build bridges and not burn them. Sherm one day hopes to have a hand in video game, software, television, as well as movie production. If your project is ever need of a soundscape, Sherm Beats is the perfect architect for your vision. To submit your music or if you would like more information about his music feel free to email him shermbeats@gmail.com


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