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Is A Reunion In The Cards For Vince Carter And The Toronto Raptors?
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Is A Reunion In The Cards For Vince Carter And The Toronto Raptors?

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As the Trade Deadline has passed and many players that weren’t traded might be issued a buyout by their respective clubs. It’s very intriguing to see if the Sacramento Kings let Vince Carter out his contract to create a reunion with the Toronto Raptors for the stretch run.

With the Cleveland Cavaliers making a block buster trade before the deadline and basically cleaning house, the Raptors are suddenly serving notice that they won’t relinquish their reign in the NBA’s Eastern Conference.

Adding Carter or any other veteran who will be bought out will be the only option they have in upgrading their roster. This is essential if the Raptors want to go deep into the playoffs and possibly the NBA Finals.

For the Raptors to make a block buster trade at the deadline would have been highly unlikely, considering the restrictions General Manager Masai Ujiri was under. They basically have no first round pick to trade until 2020 and are only able to take on $6 million in salary cap money. No team would fall for that deal.

Even if Vince Carter is not the same player he once was when he put Toronto on the map, he can still be a useful player as a three-point shooting threat. This is something the Raptors live and die with, as that is their bread and butter.

Would bringing in Carter provide a jolt to a already talented lineup or would it take away what they have accomplished this season? They currently sit first in the Eastern Conference just percentage points ahead of the Boston Celtics and six games clear of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

His statistics this year don’t really show what his real worth would be. He is only averaging five points a game on 39% shooting but he’s shooting 36% from three-point range.  If you look further, Carter is averaging 10 minutes a game which means he is well rested and would provide a great energy boost off the bench.

Nothing is etched in stone but if the opportunity presented itself to add a player like Vince Carter, the Toronto Raptors should jump at the opportunity.



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